Fire and Ice: First Impressions

Back when I was living in Boston, I used to crave Mongolian barbecue. That was one of my favorite types of food back in California, but it was surprisingly absent back east. I wanted noodles and tofu and beef slathered with a custom spicy sauce mix, all cooked on a flat surface by some guy with a large knife. Not too much to ask for, right?

Unfortunately, the only thing close to a Mongolian barbecue I could find in the Boston area was some place in Cambridge called Fire and Ice. I’ve never walked into the place, but I saw the menu and it … just wasn’t the same. You know those pan-Asian cuisine places where they serve “Asian-flavored” dishes that are nothing like what inspired them? It’s pretty much like that, but in Mongolian barbecue form.


To be honest, I only wanted to talk about Mongolian barbecue because I didn’t want to discuss how disappointed I was with this entry in the Spirit Animals series. After some decent character development in the last two books, we’re treated to … a very dull journey, a lack of characterization for Little Miss Only Appearing in This Book, and brief flashes of brilliance in Rollan’s character arc.

Fire and Ice was written by Shannon Hale, whom I’ve never heard of before starting this series. And after reading this, I don’t think I want to read another book by her. That’s how disappointed I am.

Fire and Ice coverNot much of a cover: we just got Rollan and Essix facing off against a giant polar bear (presumably Suka) in a very cold place. So I guess we’ve got that to look forward to in this book, which is nice.

Here’s what to expect in this recap:

  • Me going off topic often!
  • Another McGuffin hunt!
  • Another Little Miss Only Appearing in This Book!
  • Rollan’s family issues!
  • A shocking reveal that makes me sympathetic towards the Designated Villains!


Next time: A Godlike Serpent gets high on life.