You Decided My Fate Again!

And I’m a smidge disappointed, honestly.

I expected you all to vote for the books that took place in the San Francisco Bay Area. (Come on, I even wrote stuff in ALL CAPS in the little blurbs! That’s how you know I’m excited!) Instead, you either wanted me to drown in Nostalgia Feels or translate a metric shit-ton of languages. And to make matters worse, there was a five-way tie that wasn’t decided until the last minute.

Anyway, the book that got the most votes was Shadow and Bone, so it looks like I’m recapping it and its sequels. Have fun watching me discuss Russian romanization and translate Russian stuff, and maybe expect some pics of Russian hockey goalies. (Frequent followers of my tumblr, you know exactly who I’m talking about.)

Here’s how the recap schedule shakes out:

  • Shadow and Bone
    • concurrently: “The Tailor” and “The Witch of Duva”
  • Siege and Storm
    • concurrently: “The Too-Clever Fox”
  • Ruin and Rising
    • concurrently: “Little Knife”
  • “The Demon in the Wood”

At the end of this recap, I’ll ask you all if you want me to cover the sequel / companion duology, too.

The recap fun starts on Monday with the usual First Impressions / Cover Comparison. I think I’ll enjoy myself through this recap, and I hope you do, too!

What Do I Recap Next?

It’s over. It’s finally over.

I never have to read another Spirit Animals book for your amusement. I’ll probably catch up with the series in my spare time and do some quick “Here’s What You Missed Out On” recaps later on. But for now, I’m just glad that I don’t have to write about a series I didn’t care about.

Anyway, in my desperate attempt to keep this site alive while waiting for news on Avalon: Shadow Warrior or the Avalon movie, I’m going to recap another series. And, as usual, I’m leaving the choice up to you.

You know the drill. Here are most of the books I read while recapping Spirit Animals. Series I’ve written reviews for will have an asterisk next to them. (Check the reviews out on AVALONARCHIVE@tumblr.) Unlike the last couple times I’ve done this, I’m not taking requests. My backlog is massive enough as is.

Choose three books from the poll below, and whichever gets the most votes is the series I’m recapping next. Poll closes on 5 October at 11:59 PM PDT. Please choose wisely! Long list and poll after the cut.