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Besides the bestiary appended to the new edition of Cry of the Wolf, there are two Ozzie-related sections that were originally posted on the original Avalon website.

First is a quick interview with Ozzie, where he talks about his experiences with the girls and how he’s handling life on Earth as a ferret. The version originally posted online adds other handy information, like the names of his parents, the name of the Sparkly Rock he’d like to have, some mage-centric secrets (Adriane has a crush on Joey and Zach!) and sneak peaks at stuff that happens later in the series (from Cry of the Wolf to Spellsinger).

Next is a letter Ozzie sends to his mother via the Magic Web (which I guess is also a magitech internet?). He talks about his role in the story so far, and how much he misses his family and home. The original version also includes Ozzie’s meeting with Phelonius, his first encounter with the Fairimentals, and his transformation into ferret form. If you’re at all interested in Ozzie’s backstory, definitely click on that link.

And if you have the new edition, that’s where it ends. And that’s where I’ll be stopping for the next few weeks, until I get all this moving stuff done. But that doesn’t mean this site will be dead for a month or two! SoozieQ has joined the Archive staff, and she’ll have some interesting articles posted while I’m out.

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition (bestiary included)

  • Dragons’ general alignment is neutral, but Drake’s alignment is good.
  • Specific information on Drake added:

    Drake is a rare red crystal dragon (crystal refers to the Dragonstone jewel that formed from his shell). Imprinted on Adriane and bonded to Zach, Drake shares the love of two humans making his magic particularly powerful.

  • Information on dragons deleted from the e-book edition:

    Dragons are thought to be extinct on Aldenmor, but it is rumored they have hidden themselves in Dragon Home, located in an isolated place on the web.

  • The Ozzie interview and letter are omitted.

Next time: First impressions on the next book, Secret of the Unicorn.

Cry of the Wolf, Chapter 17: A Very Happy Birthday

Horray, it’s Zach’s birthday! Okay, not really, but Adriane decides to celebrate it today because Zach’s never had a birthday party before. (He doesn’t even know when his birthday is, either, since his parents died when he was young and he’s been raised by wolves.) Zach gets an awesome haul: the Sparkly Rock that Adriane found in the remains of Drake’s egg. Adriane tells him that it’s a Dragon Stone, and Zach promptly attunes it to himself. Now he’s bonded to Drake, and he can hear the dragon speak! Yay!

Unfortunately, that also means that this is the last we’ll see of Zach’s bad-ass sword-fighting skills. I guess becoming a mage means that you can’t use weapons that aren’t Sparkly Rocks. (Boo!)

The mistwolves decide to remain on Aldenmor so they can help the Fairimentals guard their world. They also allow Stormbringer to choose who she wants to stay with; she decides to remain with Adriane.

The Fairimentals then open a portal back to Earth, where Emily, Kara, and Ozzie are awaiting Adriane’s return. Kara says a few choice remarks about Zach (along the lines of “Nice souvenir!”), and the Fairimentals complement Ozzie on his work before Adriane and Stormbringer go home. Adriane tries to convince Zach to come with her, but he opts to stay behind with the mistwolves and help them defend Aldenmor. (Besides, it would be quite difficult to hide a dragon on Earth. Who knows how big Drake will grow?)

And if you have the original edition of the book, this is where it ends.

Status Update!
Zach is now a Dragon Rider!
Zach obtains a Dragon Stone!
Zach bonds with Drake!
Zach and Drake leave the party!

Next time: An Ozzie-tastic supplemental section!

Cry of the Wolf, Chapter 16: Oh Crap, Not This Boss Again

Everyone’s favorite manticore is back, and this time he’s sporting leather armor and a nasty-looking iron spike on his tail. The Sorceress dispatched him to collect Adriane and the now-healed animals, but of course, his orders never mentioned bringing them back alive. Adriane and Stormbringer decide to defend the animals, so you know what that means.

Boss: Manticore (take two!)
The same manticore as before, only with stronger armor and nastier attacks. Oh, he reflects magic attacks this time around. Good luck with that.
Attacks: Reflect (does radiation damage)

Adriane obviously doesn’t have an in-book bestiary or index, so she finds out about the manticore’s magic-reflection skills the hard way. She casts Magic Missile, but the manticore inhales the magic and spits it back at her. And since this is an irradiated manticore, the reflected magic is irradiated, too.

The battle doesn’t last for very long: the manticore calls for reptilicon reinforcements, who promptly create a magic net to capture the escaped animals. Their plan doesn’t quite work: the animals and Adriane mysteriously vanish!

Okay, they don’t “mysteriously” vanish: the mistwolf pack (along with Zach and Drake) shows up and cloaks the animals by going into mist form. How’s that for good timing? Now the reptilicons just shoot Magic Missiles willy-nilly, and totally miss the party. However, the manticore smells them and tries to attack….

But Zach and Moonshadow jump out of the mist cloud and totally defeat him after much hack-and-slash action. Zach seriously wounds the manticore, but lets it fly off because Moonshadow advises him to help the animals instead of seeking revenge.

Personal opinion here: Zach, you should’ve finished off the manticore when you had the chance. Now he’ll just come back as a more powerful and even more annoying boss! (Spoiler: this is the last you’ll see of it, thank god.)

Anyway, with the threat adverted, Zach and Moonshadow have heartfelt reunions with Adriane and Silver Eyes, and everyone heads off for the nearest portal out of the Shadowlands. Hooray.

Next time: Zach has a birthday party.

Cry of the Wolf, Chapter 15: Escape-a-roo!

No, Adriane does not die of radiation poisoning in the Dark Sorceress’s lair. The dragonflies show up and create a tiny portal that allows Adriane to talk with Emily, Kara, and Ozzie back on Earth (she shows up on the nifty magitech computer screen in the original edition). After catching up on everything, Emily casts Slow Poison and Heal (all amplified by Kara of course), thus curing Adriane and all the animals.

Adriane still needs to get the hell out of the dungeons, but the animals insist there is no escape. Lyra, however, escaped from the dungeons, so she psychically links up with her sisters (who also happen to be amongst the animals) and sends them a Dungeon Map. Yay, now they can sneak out!

The journey isn’t really detailed in the book: all we know is that a) there’s a lot of workers inside who don’t give a rat’s ass that there’s a mage and 30 animals on the loose, and b) Scorge is imprisoned somewhere. Adriane frees him, but leaves him to his own devices while she continues her long dungeon crawl. Let’s pretend her trek’s like the first level of Shining in the Darkness, except you can replace the slimes with Yuan-ti reptilicons (fast-forward halfway through for the actual dungeon).

Adriane makes her way out into the magical nuclear wasteland that is the Shadowlands. She discovers that the lair looks like a collection of volcanoes that have doors at their bases. Wait a minute: what’s man-made, vaguely volcano-shaped, and has the potential to cause nuclear disaster?

Yeah, who knew there would be an anti-nuclear-power message in these books? “Remember, kids: nuclear power can create irradiated wastelands! And THINK OF THE ANIMALS!”

Anyway, once outside, Adriane reunites with Stormbringer, who conveniently decided to show up. The meeting is short, however: everyone’s favorite manticore crashes the party, and he’s better prepared this time around.

Status Update!
Adriane learned Detect Evil!
Stormbringer rejoins the party!

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • Emily and Kara gasp when they learn that Adriane is in the Dark Sorceress’s dungeon.
  • The girls don’t concentrate when Emily heals Adriane.
  • The dragonflies don’t say anything when they temporarily break their portal after Adriane is healed.

Next time: The inevitable Boss Battle!

Cry of the Wolf, Chapter 14: Behind Enemy Lines

Adriane comes to in a sack that’s apparently being carried into some subterranean vault by Scorge. How does she know this? Because a) she’s going downhill, and b) Scorge hums a rather distinctive tune. Okay, it’s not much of a tune, just a bunch of pathetic hummmawahwah.

Eventually she’s dropped, and the sack is opened. Adriane has an oh crap moment: she’s in the Dark Sorceress’s lair, and Scorge is groveling like an idiot (talking just like a Dweasel from Jewel Riders). Apparently he was supposed to bring Drake (which he thought was a gigantic Sparkly Rock) to the Sorceress. The Sorceress gets pissed and gets her Yuan-ti Reptilicon guards to send Scorge to the dungeons. (The book doesn’t give a name for the guards’ species, but it’s up on the original series’ site.)

Now alone with Adriane, the Sorceress interrogates her. The Sorceress soon learns that a) Drake hatched and is hiding somewhere, and b) Adriane has fully tuned her Wolf Stone, so the Sorceress can’t steal it. She then goes at length about how a bond between a human and a magical animal lasts for life, and then tries to coerce Adriane into summoning the mistwolves. This plays out differently in both editions; I went into depth on the subject in the comments a few weeks ago, but if you missed out, here’s how it goes down in the original.

“The truth is, Avalon doesn’t exist.”

[…] “Oh, there are are places of magic out there and that’s what this fight is all about. We all want magic. But this mythical place, this home of all magic — it’s all made up, just like your fairy tales. […] So you think very carefully about whose side you are on. What you really want.”

One problem with this: if Avalon doesn’t exist, why are the girls searching for Avalon? I guess you can argue that the Sorceress didn’t pass the test at the Gates of Avalon (i.e., she didn’t see the Gates), but that doesn’t mesh with what happens at the end of the series. The revised edition changes this entire conversation as so:

“Avalon is not what you think it is.”

[…] “You are afraid to be here. You think this is all some perversion of the precious magic that binds you to these animals. Now amplify that fear a thousand fold and you have a small sense of what Avalon truly is. The only chance you have of actually entering Avalon is by working with me. […] Give me what I need — what we need — to open the gates.”

A little spoiler: the Sorceress is totally telling the truth. And the only way she would know this is if she had been to Avalon before, thus contradicting her statements in the original edition.

Anyway, Adriane refuses to summon the mistwolves, so she’s thrown into a dungeon with a bunch of irradiated (or dead) animals, obviously the failed results of whatever it is the Sorceress is up to. This is the rather anvilicious anti-animal-testing part of the story: “Ah, the Sorceress is evil because she does horrid experiments on cute animals! Oh, and she magically nuked a good chunk of Aldenmor, too — but still, THINK OF THE ANIMALS.”

Adriane finds a mistwolf amongst them — Silver Eyes, the missing pack leader (who mysteriously has gold eyes in the original edition). She frees her from her glass cage (because mistwolves can only be trapped in glass), but Adriane contracts radiation poisoning due to making magic with a bunch of irradiated animals. She resigns herself to a slow death with the others….

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • The Sorceress claims that the Fairimentals have used humans, not human magic users, to help them find Avalon.
  • The pegasus in the Sorceress’s prison doesn’t address Adriane as “magic user” when she arrives.

Next time: A proper dungeon crawl!

Cry of the Wolf, Chapter 13: Super Runaway!

What do you do when a dragon egg is hatching in the cave you’re hiding out in, and said cave is surrounded by orcs (which totally resemble Moblins from Ocarina of Time)? If you’re Zach, you go OH SHIT DAGRON SUPER RUNAWAY and force the party to run from the cave. If you’re Adriane — who just imprinted on said dragon — you go I GOTTA SAVE THE BABY and urge the party to run back into the cave to find the dragon.

Unfortunately for the party, Drake ran off somewhere, and all that’s left is egg shards and a proto-Sparkly Rock. Adriane picks up the Sparkly Rock before going out to face the orcs in a battle of mega bad-assery.

…Okay, I lied. Drake stumbles in and scares the crap out of the orcs. Pretty impressive for a baby dragon.

What’s not impressive is that Drake is totally attached to Adriane. He calls her “Maamaa!” and refuses to leave her side. Oh, and he toasts Zach’s butt, too. Still, not the best behavior for a baby dragon — especially when the orcs return for Round 2.

I’ll admit, the second battle is pretty impressive, if only because Zach cuts an orc in half. Yeah, you read that right. Zach. Cuts. An. Orc. In. F’ing. Half. In a kids’ book, no less. That trumps all of Adriane’s twirling and whirling whilst casting Wolf Whirls and Lassos and Shields. Hell, it beats Drake’s pathetic fireballs.

Sadly, the party is overwhelmed, so Adriane charges Zach with protecting Drake and delivering the Fairy Map to Moonshadow. Zach and a disgruntled Drake escape, leaving Adriane to her Awesome Bad-Ass Battle….

It’s not much of a fight. Adriane is immediately knocked out, which is sort of anticlimactic.

Status Update!
Adriane bonds with Drake!
Drake learned Fireball!

Next time: Scorge finally finds a Sparkly Rock.