Guide to Magical Animals

Animals of Aldenmor

A creature that freezes its prey with its stare.

Large rabbit-like creatures that have blue fur with iridescent dark-blue spots.
Alignment: Good
Notable Examples: Eddie

A domesticated animal briefly mentioned in Trial by Fire.

Wild ponies native to Aldenmor. Very unpredictable.

Creatures with the heads and wings of an eagle, and the body of a lion. Like to eat daffodil petals, raspberries, and purple Skittles.
Alignment: Good
Abilities: flight
Notable Examples: Wind Dancer

Small man-shaped inky blots held together by electricity. Will reform if blasted apart. Fast and vicious.
Alignment: Evil

Small deer-like creatures with green stripes and purple eyes. Native to the Moorgroves of Aldenmor. May be sentient.
Alignment: Neutral

Kelpie (Sea Horse)
Aquatic horses that have the head and front legs of a horse, and a fish’s tail. Their manes are green.

Magic Cat (Winged Cat)
Large cats similar to those on Earth, with one noticeable difference: a pair of iridescent wings visible only to those attuned to magic. Normal people can only see bumps on their shoulders where their wings are attached. Magic cats share strong empathic links with their bonded mage.
Alignment: Good
Abilities: empathy, flight
Notable Examples: Lyra, Olinde, Rynda (winged leopards)

Winged half-lion, half-simian monsters that are often used as magic trackers. The irradiated ones can spit Black Fire. Kills for sport. Occasionally wear leather armor.
Alignment: Evil
Abilities: flight, magic absorption/reflection, magic tracking

Mind Muncher
A creature that eats thoughts, leaving its victims as mindless husks.

Wolves similar to those on Earth, except with the ability to shapeshift into mist. Their mist form can obscure objects and creatures. Mistwolves can commune with the Spirit Pack (the ghosts of all deceased mistwolves) and run with them on the Spirit Trail in the astral planes.
Alignment: Good
Abilities: magic tracking, shapeshifting, world walking
Notable Examples: Dreamer, Moonshadow, Silver Eyes, Stormbringer

A ferret.

Large black horses that snort fire. Their eyes glow red. The males are called night stallions.
Alignment: Evil

Ponies with wings similar to a butterfly’s. Very wise and intelligent. They enjoy playing flying games and swimming. Eat apples, baby carrots, oats, and sunbeam crackers.
Alignment: Good
Abilities: flight
Notable Examples: Balthazar

Half-rabbit, half-songbird creatures native to the Moorgroves of Aldenmor. Often speak in a singsong voice.
Alignment: Good

Duck-like birds with silver bills and oversized webbed feet. They are very intelligent birds that are capable of speech. Often found in Aldenmor’s wetlands.  Eat plants, vegetables, and cheese crackers.
Alignment: Good
Notable Examples: Rasha, Ronif, Waldo

Snow Bear
Bear-like creatures with white fur, black eyes, and razor-sharp claws.

Snow Owl
Similar to the owls of Earth, except with turquoise and gold highlights on their feathers.  Capable of rudimentary speech.
Alignment: Good
Notable Examples: Ariel

Creatures similar to the wooly mammoths that once lived on Earth.

Red bears similar to the koalas of Earth. They live in trees in the Moorgroves.
Alignment: Good
Notable Examples: Rommel


An artificial humanoid animated by wizard or warlock magic. Not very bright, they only follow their creator’s commands.


Red Crystal Dragon
A rare dragon that hatches once every thousand years. They have long necks, silky wings that shift color depending on its mood, soft scales, and horned horse-like heads with floppy ears. Its eggs are yellow with shifting multicolored splotches; before hatching, the eggs turn red and hot to the touch. Upon hatching, the dragon imprints on the first person it sees. Baby dragons are the size of a large dog; they can grow to full size (almost as large as a bus) in three months.
Alignment: Neutral
Abilities: breath weapon (fireball)
Notable Examples: Drake

Sea Dragon
Aquatic dragons native to Aldenmor. They have sinewy necks with tapered fins, sleek bodies with emerald scales, long tails, golden eyes with a nictitating membrane, large flippers, and a dorsal fin. Salt water heals them. Usually bond with the merfolk of Aldenmor.
Alignment: Good
Notable Examples: Leeka (original edition only), Meerka


Horses with crystal horns on their foreheads that are native to Dalriada. The most magical animal in existence. Can create portals and run on the Magic Web itself. Their horns collect magic, which they use to repair and maintain the Magic Web. Their language and magic is musically based. Unicorns can give their horns — and thus their magic — to others.
Alignment: Good
Abilities: dispel, portal creation, spellsinging
Notable Examples: Lorelei

Fairy Creatures

Cursed fairy creatures that look like pockmarked, green-skinned hags. Often wear rags. Emit high-pitched screams that stun any who hear them. Wash the clothing of their intended victims.  Can materialize in bodies of water.  The irradiated ones can burn organic material with their touch.
Abilities: banshee wail, burning grasp, tracking

A fairy creature briefly mentioned in Trial by Fire. They are fat and have big eyes.

A shapeshifting creature briefly mentioned in Spellsinger.
Abilities: shapeshifting

A fairy creature briefly mentioned in Trial by Fire.

Dragonfly (Fairy Dragon)
Dragons that are the size of small birds. They spread magic from the seeds of rainbow flowers. Can travel and communicate between worlds without the use of a portal.
Alignment: Neutral
Abilities: portal creation, teleportation
Notable Examples: Barney, Blaze, Fiona, Fred, Goldie

A shapeshifting creature briefly mentioned in Spellsinger.
Abilities: shapeshifting

Elemental beings formed of fairy magic that are native to Aldenmor. Cannot hold physical form for very long on Earth.
Alignment: Good (air, earth, water fairimentals); Neutral (fire fairimental)
Notable Examples: Ambia (air fairimental), Gwigg (earth fairimental), Marina (water fairimental)
Four subspecies are known:
Air Fairimental: takes the form of a whirlwind
Earth Fairimental: formed of surrounding plant matter
Fire Fairimental: takes the form of a fiery figure; rarest of the fairimentals
Water Fairimental: appears as a figure in bodies of water

Fairy Bear
Giant bear-like creatures formed of fairy magic. Cannot hold physical form for very long on Earth. Spreads magic by producing rainbow puff flowers.
Alignment: Good
Abilities: flight, healing
Notable Examples: Phelonius

Fairy Wraith
Fairy creatures that look like beautiful green-haired women with gossamer wings and large emerald eyes. Guardians of the Gates of Avalon.
Alignment: Good

Large frog-like creatures with lumpy blue-and-purple skin, crystalline eyes, and wide mouths. Often employed as magic trackers by the Fairimentals because of their ability to sniff out wild magic blobs.
Alignment: Neutral
Abilities: magic tracking
Notable Examples: Ghyll

Flying Bat
Large bats with short, hooked beaks. Used as mounts by goblins.

Sentient bears that walk upright. Have big feet. Reportedly have bad breath.

A fairy creature briefly mentioned in Trial by Fire.

A humanoid fairy creature that has purple skin and pointy ears.
Abilities: spellsinging
Notable Examples: Crimson

A humanoid fairy creature with long hair, azure eyes, and pointy ears.
Abilities: spellsinging
Notable Examples: Sylina

Rare seven-foot-tall reptilian creatures with scaly green skin, sharp claws and teeth, and blazing eyes. They can shapeshift, but only into creatures that they have magically put to sleep. Powerful spellsingers.
Alignment: Evil
Abilities: shapeshifting, spellsinging
Notable Examples: Cigam / Howard

A fairy creature briefly mentioned in Trial by Fire.

A humanoid fairy creature with golden skin and pointy ears.
Abilities: spellsinging
Notable Examples: Andiluna

Elemental beings bound to areas of strong magic, such as forests and bodies of water. Capable of shapeshifting.
Abilities: shapeshifting

A fairy creature briefly mentioned in Trial by Fire.


Four-foot-tall humanoids who live in the Moorgroves of Aldenmor. They have big eyes, bushy eyebrows, small noses and mouths, and curly brown hair. Most lead agrarian lifestyles in their villages. Very few are attuned to magic.
Alignment: Good
Notable Examples: Crusp, Tonin; Ozymandius (elf in ferret’s body)

A humanoid briefly mentioned in Trial by Fire. Have long beards.

Humanoids who have glowing green eyes, serrated teeth, and pointy ears. Favor leather armor.
Alignment: Neutral

A humanoid briefly mentioned in Trial by Fire. Have beady eyes.

Aquatic humanoids who evolved from humans that lived on Aldenmor. They have green skin, long hair that resembles kelp, pointy ears, blue eyes with a nictitating membrane, and webbed feet and hands.
Notable Examples: Jaaran, Kee-Lyn

Minuscule humanoids who look like shiny purple elves with lizard’s tails.
Notable Examples: Ghyll

Humanoids that can morph into an animal form. Creates werebeasts by wounding other humanoids.
Four subspecies are known:
Werebear: a humanoid that can morph into a bear.
Werelion: a humanoid that can morph into a lion.
Wereshark: a humanoid that can morph into a shark.
Werewolf: a humanoid that can morph into a wolf.

Monstrous Humanoids

Half-human, half-horse creatures.

Flying ape-like creatures with leathery wings and bony protrusions on their arms, legs, and back. Can create balls of green fire. The irradiated ones have poisonous claws.
Alignment: Evil
Abilities: flight, magic tracking, shooting fireballs

Birdlike humanoids with pale white skin, black eyes, and a skeletal face. Charms victims with music that lulls them into a dreamlike state. Very powerful harpies can shapeshift, but usually they use their singing to disguise themselves.
Alignment: Evil
Abilities: charm, spellsinging

Night Stalker
A humanoid creature with yellow eyes (dark eyes in the original edition) and black skin.

Ten-foot-tall humanoids with a boar’s head and clawed feet. Often armed with axes, spears, and shields. Weak magic trackers, and very stupid.

Snake-like humanoids with reptilian heads and long scaly bodies. Usually armed with magic staves.

Half-goblin, half-goat creatures. Very mischievous.

Scorge (species name unknown)
An orange-furred orangutan-like creature with large eyes, big feet, and pointy teeth. Very poor magic tracker.
Notable Examples: Scorge

(all information derived from the books, both old and new editions of the Avalon website, and the Avalon facebook page.)

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