FAQ (updated 29 June 2017)

What is The Avalon Archive?

The Avalon Archive is a blog maintained by Jacquesworth (and formerly SuzieQ) dedicated to the Avalon: Web of Magic book series by Rachael Roberts, and the animated series based on the books.  It originally focused on changes between the original and revised editions of the books, and their connection to Princess Gwenevere/Starla and the Jewel Riders, a cartoon series they were loosely based on; however, we’ve branched out to general news on the series and fandom, along with recaps of other fantasy and sci-fi books.

Hold on – what do you mean by original and revised editions?

The first edition of Avalon: Web of Magic was originally published in 2002.  That edition is incomplete: the publisher went out of business sometime after Book 11 (Dark Mage) was announced.  When the series was republished in 2008, the books were revised and re-edited.  Some plot holes were corrected, among other things. The series was then edited again for its later e-book release.

So which edition is canon?

The revised edition.  It’s the only version that’s complete.

What is this Jewel Riders show you speak of?

Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders (Starla outside of the US) was a cartoon that aired in the mid-’90s.  It involved three teenage girls with magical jewels and animal friends on a quest to save the kingdom of Avalon.  (Gee, that sounds familiar.)  The CEO of Red Sky Entertainment (which owns the rights to Avalon) was the creator of Jewel Riders, which explains why the two series are similar.

Will you also cover Avalon: Shadow Warrior?

Of course! I will cover Avalon: Shadow Warrior whenever it’s published.

When will Avalon: Shadow Warrior be released?

Honestly? I have no idea.

When will the Avalon animated series be released?

No exact date is set, but the producers (voyager.world) claim that they are shooting for a September release.

What other books have you recapped?

Current and previous non-Avalon recap projects:

  • Fire and Thorns (dropped — I got bored)
  • Spirit Animals (complete through the first story arc)
  • The Grisha (ongoing)

I also liveblog books on the Avalon Archive Tumblr. Just be warned: you’ll also run into spoilers for current recap projects and posts on my off-topic obsessions there.

How do you choose which books to recap?

Whenever I finish a recap project, I post a poll listing all the books I read while the project was ongoing. Most of the books will be fantasy, sci-fi, or historical fiction with 50% or more female POV characters. Whichever book gets the most votes will be the one I recap next.


  1. I’m the ultimate Avalon fan, I have all be*tween’s songs memorized, and I practically screamed when I saw this website, now you’re telling me that Rachel Roberts is writing more! Right now I’m doing this 😊😊😊

  2. I love Rachel Roberts, but some facts bug the heck out of me. In book eight, Dr. Fletcher claims, ‘Black wolves are not native to Pennsylvania’, which makes no sense since Black Wolves aren’t EVEN a species. They’re just a melanistic variety of wolves, mostly Gray wolves. So, the statement should be corrected into: “Gray wolves aren’t native to Pennsylvania, much less melanistic wolves.”

    Also.. Really? Does Rachel even KNOW about the capabilities of a Snowy Owl’s talon capabilities. Emily is lucky she’s a healer, or she’d probably lose her arm by now. Really. To hold a raptor, you clutch their talons between your fingers, but certain birds, i.e. Bald eagles, require a gauntlet stretching across your chest. You would need a gauntlet to hold a bird of prey, magic or not.

    It would do good if Rachel were to elaborate on the legal work to allow three unlicensed girls, not even at the eligible age of falconry, much less a preserve with animals that require years of work to acquire the proper permit.

    This is fantasy, yes, but certain rules of the universe cannot be broken, such as Erin Hunter allowing a feral house-cat beat up and eat a Bald Eagle for dinner. Really? Bald eagles can carry off a mouse. A hawk and owl could probably kill a HUMAN.

    It’s in the least to say, try to make your story plausible, and with reasonable explanation.

    On the bright side, I loved this, when my friend introduced me to it when I was 7 in 2008-09. I wanted to be part of the magic, but Rachel seemed to disappear fro the face of the Earth. O.o

    Anyone know what happened to her?

    If I were to be a mage, my stone would the be one around my neck now, and my animal a Indochinese Tiger. In fact, I discovered my rock in the same manner of Emily, so now I just have to wait until I get a reaction. ^.^

    I’m 11 now, if you haven’t guessed. I’m writing a book, and hoping to get it published. It will show some similarities to Avalon, but not much more than the magic-stone thingy, though I may revise and rewrite my first story, which more similar to Avalon.
    And I just made an account. So it will be under giangtien.

    And yes, Giang Tien is my name. Or at least, my native name which I prefer over my American. It means ‘Descending Fairy’ or ‘Fairy from Heaven’. I was named after a Mythological figure in Vietnamese Mythology (I’m purebred Viet) who was the daughter of the Jade Emporer.

  3. I just found this blog yesterday, and I’m a bit confused. I haven’t read the Avalon series yet but am eager to start, but I see the ebooks go up to only #4 on Amazon. Furthermore, books 3-4 were e-published last year, and books 1-2 were e-published this year. However, in the customer reviews for book #1, I see a review of the Kindle edition from 2014. And I believe I read somewhere yesterday that all 12 books had gotten a digital release. So what’s going on?

    1. I just searched on Amazon to verify your findings. Unfortunately, it looks like only the first four books are available in e-book format.

      A few years ago, CDS Publishing released e-book editions of the entire series. They have since gone under, and another publisher (I’m not remembering who at the moment) got the rights to the books.

      I’ll look into this more after I get back from my vacation next week. If you’re interested in obtaining the rest of the series, I can send you copies of my e-book editions.

      1. Thanks for the offer. In the meantime, I’ve started reading chapter 1 of “Circles in the Stream” in the free preview. I might end up purchasing the physical books. Still deciding. Having something physical would be nice, but I have a better chance of actually reading the ebooks, since I’m on my computer most of the time that I’m home from work anyway. I have plenty of unread novels that I’ve bought over the years (such as the “Green Rider” and “Elemental Logic” series). *sigh* Never enough time in the day.

        Do the physical (re-release) books have errors such as “Emily eyes widened”?

  4. Man, oh man, how time has passed. I’m so glad I found this place – my first Avalon book was actually Cry of the Wolf, since the first two were already on loan at my local library. That was when I was like 13 or so (back in 2003 or 04). Recently went on a nostalgia trip and tried searching up Scholastic’s old site for the Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve but learned the series had been published under someone new.

    Thanks for the nostalgia trip!

  5. I can’t believe I found this! I was a fan of Avalon starting in 2002, my best friend and I were OBSESSED! Then, I could never get my hands on Ghost Wolf. Years later I managed to read that and Heart of Avalon, and was waiting to find Dark Mage….now it all makes sense. I definitely want to check out the revised series now. This series WAS my childhood for a few years. I do miss the old websites though :/

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