Legend of the LAOA

Legend of the LAOA, Part 3: A New Way to Think With Portals

Last time on “Legend of the LAOA”, Sierra learned her character class and bonded with a flying horse, and Tasha took the crystal cat back to Aldenmor for research purposes. What crazy magitech hijinks will they get into? Find out after the cut.


Legend of the LAOA, Part 2: No, We Didn’t Forget About You, Sierra

Last time on “Legend of the LAOA”, Zach and Drake helped a crystal cat fight off a horde of shadow creatures. Midway through the battle, however, the cat teleports himself and the shadow creatures elsewhere. Whose day will this cat ruin now? Find out after the cut.


Legend of the LAOA: First Impressions

“Legend of the LAOA” is a short story in three parts that was published with The Warlock Diaries. Chronologically, it takes place at the same time as The Warlock Diaries, but I decided to recap it here because it mentions a number of things that will (hopefully) become more prominent in Shadow Warrior.

This story is the Day in the Limelight installment for three side characters: Zach, Sierra (wow, did you expect her to come back?), and Tasha. Other minor characters, like Ozzie’s cousins, also make an appearance. So if you wanted to learn more about elven dietary needs, you’re going to have fun with this. (Spoiler: they’re like vegetarian hobbits.)

For you Jewel Riders fans, this story is the episode “Home Sweet Heartstone”, but without the baby animals. Both this story and the episode involve the main characters helping a crystalline animal reach their home.

No cover comparison, obviously, because this was included with The Warlock Diaries.

Next time: Drake makes a new friend.