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Avalon Fandom: We Need Your Help!

When I first opened Avalon Archive, my primary mission was simple: Catalog the changes made between the original Scholastic / CDS editions and the revised Seven Seas edition of Avalon: Web of Magic. I wasn’t thinking about saving information or media from the official website because, like a fool, I thought the official site would be around for a while.

But things have changed.

If you’ve tried to visit the official site recently, you may have noticed that it’s been taken down. (Want to see for yourself? Click the link in the menu above.)  And if you’ve tried to procure the e-books by legal means, you may have noticed that they’re out of print.

So I’ve decided to switch gears here at the Archive. Don’t worry, I’m still going to complete my Spirit Animals recap. However, my main goal now is to gather as much supplemental material and media as I can from the old Avalon websites, and storing it here.

A quick run-down of all files / media I’m interested in, along with their availability:

  • Summaries and supplemental materials: still available if you plug the addresses in the Wayback Machine. I have original edition supplemental materials stored here on the Archive; I’ll get the revised edition versions posted here soon
  • Original edition illustrations: still available on archived version of Avalon Clubhouse site; some posted on AVALONARCHIVE@tumblr
  • Revised edition illustrations: black and white versions personally ripped from my e-book copies and posted here; color versions saved from official site and posted on AVALONARCHIVE@tumblr
  • Music: You can find most of the B*Tween songs on YouTube; I’m not sure about the Orchestral Suite
  • Audiobook: Unfortunately, I didn’t save a copy of this
  • E-books: I have all the books, but can’t post them here due to legal reasons EDIT: Apparently still available at B&N!
  • Warlock Diaries: I think an e-book version of this was released? I don’t have it, though. I wasn’t able to save the promo images from the official website, either
  • Lineart / Coloring Pages: I didn’t save copies of these
  • Wallpaper: I didn’t save these, either

Here’s where you come in: If you have copies of any of the music from the series, or any files related to Warlock Diaries, please contact me by commenting on this post! Please help make Avalon Archive the most complete repository of Avalon: Web of Magic information and media on the web!

EDIT: Added some new materials I’m searching for.

Also, if you have files, use this handy e-mail form to send them!

Complete Bestiary Illustrations

Full Circle: Illustrations

Dark Mage: Illustrations

Ghost Wolf: Illustrations

All’s Fairy in Love and War: Illustrations