Guide to Worlds, Realms, and Planes


A magical world linked to Earth by the Ravenswood portal. Home to many magical creatures and a settlement of elves. This world has two moons, named Della and Orpheus.

Notable Locations:
The Anvil: A major waterfall that hides a portal to the Fairy Glen.
Arahoo Wells: An Elven village. Called “Arapaho Wells” in Cry of the Wolf.
Billicontwee: An Elven village.
The Dragon’s Teeth: a treacherous, hard-to-navigate gorge full of spikes and other sundry hazards.
Dream Lake: A lake in the Moorgroves. A portal here leads to the Fairy Glen.
Dumble Downs: An Elven village in the Grassy Plains. Home to Ozzie’s cousins Crusp and Tonin.
Fairy Glen: Home of the Fairimentals. Okawa, Zach’s sentient tree house, is located here.
Far Falls: A waterfall located near Dumble Downs. A portal to Mount Hope is located here.
Farthingdale: An Elven village located in the eastern Grassy Plains. Ozzie’s hometown.
Grassy Plains: A grassy region where many Elven villages are located.
Misty Marshes: A marsh that borders the Moorgroves.
Moorgroves: A densely forested region of Aldenmor.
Mount Hope: A mountain that borders the Shadowlands.
Packhome: Home of the Aldenmoorish mistwolf pack. Located on Mount Hope.
Shadowlands: A barren place destroyed by dark magic. Formerly a magnificent forest. The Dark Sorceress’ lair (called the Dark Circle in the original edition) is located here.


The legendary home of all magic, hidden somewhere on the Magic Web. A crystal city where humans and magical animals once studied magic.


The unicorn homeworld.

Notable Locations:
Unicorn Academy: A school where young unicorns learn how to use their magic.


Our world, primarily home to humans and non-magical animals. There is little to no magic here, but there are a few portals that lead to other locations on the Magic Web.

Notable Locations:
Happy Trails Horse Ranch: A dude ranch just outside Carlsbad, New Mexico. Sierra works here. A portal at the nearby Arrow Rocks leads to the Magic Web.
Pet Palace: The kennel that Emily manages. Located near Ravenswood, on the same property as Emily’s home and her mother’s veterinary practice.
Ravenswood: A wildlife preserve just outside Stonehill. The Ravenswood Manor and Adriane’s home is on the premises. A portal here leads to Aldenmor (and later the rest of the Magic Web).
Stonehill: A city in Pennsylvania, somewhere near Philadelphia. Home to Adriane, Emily, and Kara.
Stonehill Galleria: The mall that Kara and her Catty Girl Posse frequent.
Stonehill Middle School: The school that Adriane, Emily, and Kara attend.

The Gates of Avalon

A hidden island realm, guarded by fairy wraiths. Only unicorns can access this place.

Lorelei’s Realm (real name unknown)

Lorelei the unicorn’s special place, in which warm snow falls.

The Magic Web

A magical network that connects all worlds and realms, supplying them with magic. Currently in a state of severe decay.

The Otherworlds

A dark, barren world isolated from the Magic Web. Used as a prison because no portals lead out.


A world briefly mentioned in Song of the Unicorns, where some of the Unicorn Academy students hail from.

Twilight Realm

A hidden pocket of magic created by the disintegration of the Magic Web. (An astral plane in the original edition.) Site of Be*Tween’s fairy rave in Trial by Fire.


    1. I haven’t updated this guide in forever. I’m going to complete this and the animal guide when I’m done recapping Full Circle and “Legend of the LAOA”. So you’ll see the Fairy Realms, etc., around then.

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