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Release Date Announced for French Translation of Trial by Fire has revealed the EU release date and a synopsis for the French edition of Trial by Fire. It will be available for our Francophone friends on 17 April 2019. US readers, you may have to wait a couple months for it to show up in the US Kindle store.

Here’s the translated synopsis:


The Dark Mage, who reigns over Aldenmor, is now looking for the fairy map that leads to Avalon. If she can find it, the magical world will be destroyed. Kara, Emily and Adriane have no time to waste. Helped by their faithful animals, they go to Aldenmor to fight their enemy. But once they pass through the magic portal, the friends are separated. While Adriane discovers sea dragons and Emily meets elves, Kara is surrounded by darkness. Will she be able to resist the attraction of the dark side? Kara, Emily and Adriane will have to fight a hard battle to save Avalon, but they will not come out of it unscathed….


Avalon Production Update, 22 October 2018

Your semi-regular update on the Avalon: Web of Magic animated series!

From the Instagram:

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Avalon Production Update: 8 October 2018

Your semi-regular update on the Avalon: Web of Magic animated series!

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Archive art by Allison Strom#avalonwebofmagic

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News Gleaned from Instagram Comments:

  • Re: production progress: “slow but steady, lots of pieces to put together but feeling good” [source]

Spellsinger French Edition US Release Date Announced!

A release date for the French edition of Spellsinger has been announced in the US Kindle store! It will go on sale on 10 October 2018. Preorders are available now.

For reference, here’s a translated synopsis:


Kara is organizing a big concert to introduce the Ravenswood Reserve to the world. Shortly before the big day, a magical being announces to Emily, Kara and Adriane that a great danger lies in wait for them. This announcement strangely coincides with the arrival of superstar Johnny Conrad, who decides to share the stage with a lucky winner. Kara is ready to do anything to be in the spotlight, especially since the singer seems to be particularly interested in her, even if she can’t carry a tune! From then on, things go wrong. Kara seems under the influence of a strange force, she begins to behave strangely, moves away from her friends and approaches the mysterious Johnny Conrad. He finally asks her to go on stage. Meanwhile, Emily and Adriane discover a grimoire allowing them to practice magic by singing spells…. What if the song that Kara was about to sing in a creaking voice was none other than an evil spell?

Avalon Production Update: 20 August 2018

Your semi-regular update on the Avalon: Web of Magic animated series!

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On the Official Site:


This new banner shows up in the homepage’s scrolling image gallery.

In French Edition News:


A cover has dropped for the French edition of Spellsinger! The book will be available on 5 September 2018 in the EU. Expect it to appear in the US Kindle store sometime in October.

Here’s a new synopsis and title from Amazon, translated for your convenience:


Kara has always dreamed of being famous! And the concert she organizes in support of the Ravenswood Reserve is a unique opportunity to showcase her talents. But before the show, a magical creature announces to Kara, Adriane, and Emily that a great danger threatens the Realm of Avalon. At the same time, the superstar Johnny Conrad proposes to share the stage with a lucky winner. While the shooting star, the warrior, and the healer should join forces to protect their friends, Kara is obsessed with glitter and glory…

And in Archive News:

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted any of my French edition translation notes here, it’s because I’ve been busy setting up a last minute move and getting a new job. Everything should settle down around here in September.

French Edition of Secret of the Unicorn US Release Date Announced

The US Kindle store has added a listing for the French edition of Secret of the Unicorn. It will go on sale on 1 August 2018. You can pre-order it on Amazon now.

Here’s a translation of the synopsis:


Something strange is going on at Ravenswood. Increasing numbers of magical animals from the world of Aldenmor are crossing the passage to escape the terrible Black Poison. Emily is convinced that a wounded creature is hiding in the forest. Despite Adriane and Kara’s warnings, she wants to go looking for it to heal it. But a monster with formidable hypnotic powers seems to follow the young mage … however, Emily doesn’t hesitate to start her pursuit of the frightening creature. But as the three mages cross the passage that connects their world to Aldenmor, they are far from imagining what they will discover…