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Avalon Production Update, 18 December 2017

Your weekly (?) round-up of updates on the Avalon: Web of Magic animated series!

I can’t take full credit for this update, so: Thanks, Avery, for the heads-up on the official Avalon website going back online!

From the Official Avalon Website:

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Notes from the Archivist:

Hey! They tweaked the poster! There’s more grass, more magical effects, and some shading on the tagline and title. Also, Kara doesn’t look quite as bad here.

The most interesting part of the improved poster, however, is the billing block (the small text beneath the title). This is the first time we’ve seen a voice cast or the names of anyone connected with the Avalon series! Let’s break this down:



  • Robert Mandell (creator of Princess Gwenevere / Starla and the Jewel Riders)

Unfortunately, we don’t know who’s lending their voices to which characters! So try to guess who’s playing who in the comments.

While digging through the official Avalon site, I also found some larger concept art images for the mages and a new Ravenswood Preserve map. Someone who has better eyes than me can try to read all those landmarks on the map and see if they’ve added anything new.


Avalon Production Update, 27 November 2017

Your weekly round-up of updates on the Avalon: Web of Magic animated series!

Production Art:

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Official Synopsis:

From Bridgegate Pictures:

Emily Fletcher, Adriane Charday, and Kara Davies, three very different girls-turned-mages (mages are highly skilled “magic users”), band together to protect and find Avalon, the very source of all magic. Each girl has a bonded animal and magic stone; their animal friends help them on their magical journeys through the different worlds along the Web of Magic. The safety of the Magic Web, and the worlds it connects together, hangs on their success as they battle two main antagonists, the Dark Sorceress and the Spider Witch, who wish to harness the tremendous magical energy and magic of Avalon and distort the Magic Web for their own evil ends. The titular Web of Magic is a web on the magical, mystical plane of existence, connecting all worlds and planets with each other through mystical portals.

Avalon Production Update, 20 November 2017

Your weekly round-up of updates on the Avalon: Web of Magic animated series!

Great News, Everyone!

The folks at sent me an update on the state of the Avalon animated series via Instagram:

We are out there pitching the project to broadcasters to secure a US home for the series. We have a few options but the process is slow. Getting some great feedback from many European broadcasters as well so we may end up producing for Europe and bringing it back to the US. Nothing firm right now, it will take a few more months to figure out the best scenario.

It’s good to see that production is still underway, and that they’re looking for someone to air the series. Hopefully we’ll hear more in the coming months.

Jewel Riders Series Finale

Our friends at Jewel Riders Archive would like to remind you that they’re posting the finale of Princess Gwenevere / Starla and the Jewel Riders this coming Friday! Many American fans (myself included) had to resort to summaries or bootleg tapes to experience this because they didn’t air these episodes. Soon you’ll be able to watch them online in English (both Gwen and Starla versions) and French!

Avalon Production Update, 13 November 2017

Your weekly (?) round-up of updates on the Avalon: Web of Magic animated series!

Production Art:

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Notes from the Archivist:

In case you haven’t noticed, there hasn’t been much in the way of news about the Avalon: Web of Magic animated series. The Instagram account hasn’t updated since September, a direct message I sent on Instagram hasn’t been answered yet, and both the and official Avalon websites have been down since mid- or late October. (The former has a Javascript error; the latter is completely blank.)

I was afraid that production suddenly stopped without warning, which is (sadly) fairly typical with this series. Luckily, Minds Eye Entertainment (one of the production companies attached to the project) posted some new images recently, which I’m sharing here today. (If you follow me on tumblr, you probably saw them already.) These were originally uploaded sometime in late October, but I didn’t find them until last week because I only check the producers’ sites once a month. I guess I should browse them more often!

Comments on the new production images:

  • I hate the poster, mostly because of the way Kara looks. She looks exactly the same as she did in the final character design that was revealed in September. It’s nice to see the characters in context, though. And seeing Avalon in the background is pretty awesome, too!
  • The official character sheet has awesome concept art for the mages’ magic jewels. I’m not a fan of the Wolf Stone’s design, but I like the bracelet.
  • Oh god I can’t stand Ozzie’s design. Neck: too long. General design: too cartoonish. Personally, I’d prefer if he looked more like a ferret. Also, note that his Ferret Stone is now called an Elf Stone, and that his character bio is slightly spoilerish (he doesn’t get his stone or become a Knight of the Circle until halfway through the books). I appreciate that his Knight of the Circle title is finally explained. It was originally only available in the original series’ glossary online; the new series never touched upon it.
  • The Lyra and Stormbringer bios are lifted straight from The Warlock Diaries.

In case you want to follow production on the Avalon: Web of Magic animated series and alert me to any news I miss, check out these sites:


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