The Warlock Diaries

The Warlock Diaries, Part 3: Team Magic, Let’s Ride!

Last time on The Warlock Diaries, Crumble used a love potion to make two-thirds of the party and most of the Ravenswood refugees fall in love with Donovan. But that was all a distraction: while everyone is trying to make googly-eyes with Donovan, Crumble captures the refugees and the party’s bonded animals, turns Tweek into a minion, and creates a portal path to Avalon! Will the party ever get their refugees and bonded animals back? Will Donovan figure out how to cast mage spells? Will Kara ever trust Donovan again? Find out after the cut.


The Warlock Diaries, Part 2: Hey, Check the Party Out, They’re Dancing!

Last time on The Warlock Diaries, the party met Donovan, a warlock who wants to learn mage magic and find Avalon. Unfortunately for our heroines, mage and warlock magic don’t mix, and Donovan’s dad has been sending monsters to Ravenswood to retrieve his son. And by monsters, I mean a group of bulwoggles. Will the party figure out how to do combination attacks with Donovan? Will Donovan dance with Kara at the benefit dance? Will we learn how horses can make sandwiches? Find out after the cut.


The Warlock Diaries, Part 1: In Which the Party’s Attacks Are Not Very Effective

For those of you who don’t want to pick up a copy of The Warlock Diaries, but still want to follow along with my recaps, you can read the first 20-or-so pages of Part 1 here. Also, I apologize for not having scans up, but I don’t have a scanner on hand, and I’m not trudging through the snow halfway across town to the university library just to make scans. If there are specific things you want to see from the book, please comment, and I’ll put everything in a nice Warlock Diaries image post.

I’m also going to be testing out a new format for my recaps, since I might be using it for the last couple of Avalon books and most entries on my non-Avalon blog. So don’t get weirded out.

Lovely, super-long recap after the break.


The Warlock Diaries: First Impressions

I admit to being really excited when Avalon: The Warlock Diaries was released. It was the first new Avalon story outside of the main series, and it came with a new short story (“Legend of the LAOA”). The whole English-language manga format, though … I was kinda hesitant about it. Maybe it was because I don’t like the make-everything-look-like-manga trend.

At least the story is pretty decent, even if the party kinda seems out of character. And by out of character, I don’t mean like Adriane suddenly became a girly-girl and Emily grew a pair. In this case, I mean that the party is still working together as a unit like they did for three-quarters of the series. Semi-spoiler: in Dark Mage, you discover that the party hasn’t hung out together for almost a month because everyone’s still pissed at Kara for amplifying Zach’s spells without his permission. So how exactly do they settle their differences long enough for this adventure to happen?

It’s kinda hard to figure out Jewel Riders references for this story. The entire second part is essentially “Love Struck”, since the new token male party member accidentally gets most of the girls to fall in love with him. And there’s an image of Avalon in the third part, and it looks exactly like the Crystal Palace. I’d appreciate some help figuring out connections here.

As for covers, well … I use the covers from the initial release of Warlock Diaries as the banner image on my site. I’m not a fan of the artwork, though, because it looks too generic-manga for my tastes. And I think that the artist has no idea how to draw Lyra or Dreamer. The omnibus edition of Warlock Diaries looks a lot better, though. But I guess that’s because Allison Strom did this cover, and I like the work she’s done for the series so far. She even has this little entry showing other prototype cover designs for the omnibus, which is an interesting read.

What to expect in this book:

  • A new token male party member!
  • Kara trying her hardest to get a date!
  • Lots of Magic Missiles!
  • More thinking with portals!
  • A new Be*Tween song!

Next time: Part 1, in which a Token Male Character joins the party.

Credit where it’s due: all images from the official Avalon site.