Dragonfly Wrangling

Short Story: Dragonfly Wrangling 102

Sigh. I’m bored. So that means you get a very, very brief recap of another lost Avalon short story that was posted on the old official website: Dragonfly Wrangling 102.

Kara wants to go clothes shopping with the Catty Girl Posse, but her nameless mom won’t let her go until she cleans up her room. Kyle refuses to help because he has soccer practice. Kara promised the rest of the party that she wouldn’t use her new Unicorn Jewel without supervision … but she never promised to not call the dragonflies. So the dragonflies show up, and Kara orders them to organize her stuff while she’s gone.

Kara returns hours later, and discovers that everything in the house was organized to spell out her name. She manages to scold the dragonflies for messing everything up, and then commands them to put everything back where they belonged. Of course, this means that Kara’s room is a total sty again, which doesn’t go over well with Kara’s mom when she returns. Kyle likes that his posters are now arranged in the shape of a ‘K’, though.

Yeah, not much happened. This story is never referenced later on in the series, so this is all you’ll get to hear of it.

Next time: first impressions on Song of the Unicorns and the Quest for Magic series in general.

Short Story: Dragonfly Wrangling 101

I’m back … kinda. Got almost everything moved here, except for my Avalon books and the notes I took on the first few chapters of Secret of the Unicorn. They won’t be shipped to my new location until mid-August, so don’t expect any new recaps until then. To tide you over, here is a quick recap of a short story originally posted on the old Avalon site: Dragonfly Wrangling 101.

This story takes place sometime after All That Glitters, since Kara has no idea how to manage the dragonflies yet; however, it was published after Secret of the Unicorn was released. Not much happens: Kara is sitting in French class, getting ready for a pop quiz that she hasn’t studied for. Goldie pops in and causes some minor mayhem, like spilling everything out of Kara’s backpack and climbing up Kara’s pencil while she writes. (Wait, I thought dragonflies were supposed to be the size of small birds, not insect-sized!) After the quiz, Kara throws Goldie across the room … and onto her French teacher’s head. Kara then has the bright idea of summoning Goldie back, but instead Goldie and the other dragonflies materialize inside her backpack and make their little squawking noises. Kara basically tells the dragonflies that she’ll never throw shoes at them again if they shut up — which they promptly do.

Funny thing about this short story: elements of this scene are recycled in The Warlock Diaries. Somewhere in the first third of the comic, Goldie shows up in the middle of Kara’s French class and tells her that there’s bad things going down in Ravenswood. Kara tries to hide Goldie, but to no avail: the French teacher hears them talking, but she only scolds them for not speaking in French. (I swear, all magical things emit a Somebody Else’s Problem Field in this series!)

There’s one more Dragonfly Wrangling story, but I won’t recap it until after I’m done with Secret of the Unicorn.

Oh – special thanks to SoozieQ for helping out while I’ve been gone! If you’re still interested in contributing to the site, you’re more than welcome to keep posting ^_^