Hunted: First Impressions

I didn’t have very high expectations for Spirit Animals after reading the first book. Maybe it was the writing style. Maybe it was the lack of character development. Or was it because I was annoyed with the lazy worldbuilding?

But I have a bad habit of completing book series, so I picked up the second book when it came out. And it had some of the things I was looking for: slightly better writing, some character development, and some worldbuilding. This was the book that gave me a little bit of hope for the remaining five books.

In case you couldn’t tell from the cover, this is a Conor book. Basically, he deals with a family issue — one that actually screws the party over in the end. And his homecoming to not!Europe isn’t quite the friendly welcome expected for one of the potential saviors of the world.

Since this is a multi-author series, it’s time for me to introduce this volume’s author. Maggie Stiefvater has written a few YA fantasy book series, none of which I’ve read. Since I actually enjoyed this book, I’m probably gonna read more of her stuff.

sa02Not much of a cover we got here. It’s just Conor and Briggan hanging out in a forest. And there’s another kid watching over him with a black panther. In case you’re wondering, that kid’s supposed to be Devin, Conor’s former employer. But wait — he wasn’t able to bond with a spirit animal in the last book! When did he get a panther?

There is a Spanish-language edition of this book, but it uses the same illustration as the English one, so you guys miss out on a cover comparison. You also miss out on a title translation comparison, too, since the Spanish title translates to The Hunt. Not very creative there.

What to expect from this book:

  • Another hunt for a McGuffin!
  • Another party member who only shows up for this book!
  • More absurd spirit animals!
  • A rival Four Token Band!


Next time: Devin becomes 100% a dick. Zerif helps.