thinking with portals

Legend of the LAOA, Part 3: A New Way to Think With Portals

Last time on “Legend of the LAOA”, Sierra learned her character class and bonded with a flying horse, and Tasha took the crystal cat back to Aldenmor for research purposes. What crazy magitech hijinks will they get into? Find out after the cut.



Full Circle, Chapter 1: The Battle of a Thousand Shadow Creatures

Last time on Avalon: Web of Magic, the party got a game over screen. Hey, that’s what you get when you let the Big Bad into a Sealed Can of Evil, and one of your party members dual-classes to a dark mage and kills off the admittedly-useless mascot character. What happens after game over? Find out after the cut.


Dark Mage, Chapter 22: Ozzie’s Lament, Part Two

Last time on Dark Mage, Emily learned the Spider Witch’s plans, and discovered that the Tutorial Trap was much more sinister than previously thought. Will Emily realize that telling the Spider Witch the location of the Very Definitely Final Dungeon is a Bad Thing? Find out after the cut.


Dark Mage, Chapter 19: Don’t Go Chasing Power Crystals

Last time on Dark Mage, Adriane’s party defeated a shadow dragon and retrieved a Power Crystal. Unfortunately, Adriane now has a Power Crystal stuck in her chest, and she’s invisible. Will she ever be returned back to normal? Can the party finish their quest if one of the main characters has a Power Crystal inside them? Find out after the cut.


Dark Mage, Chapter 16: Yep, Humans Are Still Stupid

Last time on Dark Mage, Kara learned more about the Power Crystal she found, and discovers that there’s someone in the Shopping Realm who can help her replace the Power Crystal she broke. Will Kara finally prove to the party that she can fix her mistakes? Find out after the cut.


The Warlock Diaries, Part 3: Team Magic, Let’s Ride!

Last time on The Warlock Diaries, Crumble used a love potion to make two-thirds of the party and most of the Ravenswood refugees fall in love with Donovan. But that was all a distraction: while everyone is trying to make googly-eyes with Donovan, Crumble captures the refugees and the party’s bonded animals, turns Tweek into a minion, and creates a portal path to Avalon! Will the party ever get their refugees and bonded animals back? Will Donovan figure out how to cast mage spells? Will Kara ever trust Donovan again? Find out after the cut.