Full Circle, Chapter 1: The Battle of a Thousand Shadow Creatures

Last time on Avalon: Web of Magic, the party got a game over screen. Hey, that’s what you get when you let the Big Bad into a Sealed Can of Evil, and one of your party members dual-classes to a dark mage and kills off the admittedly-useless mascot character. What happens after game over? Find out after the cut.


Ghost Wolf, Chapter 19: A Lot of Old Stuff Is Used Again

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 16.)

Well, shit has officially hit the fan. Dark magic is raining over Ravenswood, and the party can’t use their Sparkly Rocks because they’re tied to Ravenswood. (But wait … Ozzie and Zach got their rocks in Aldenmor, so they shouldn’t be affected! Also, why hasn’t anyone in Stonehill noticed the obviously black rain?)

The party realizes that the Spider Witch is using the Power Crystal to weave her own magic into Ravenswood. They know that the Spider Witch wants to reweave the entire Magic Web, so they assume that she’s starting her reweaving efforts with Ravenswood.

Suddenly, Dreamer detects magic! He roots around in the dirt and finds a sparkletastic rainbow flower. (Wow, we haven’t seen those in forever!) The dragonflies spread the flower’s seeds, which has the awesome effects of purifying dark magic and making the party’s Sparkly Rocks work properly again. Keep these effects in mind — they end up becoming very important at the end of the series.

Tweek explains that the rainbow flowers (scientific name: Flora rainbowpufficus) produce raw magic. The party reasons that they can restore Ravenswood’s magic if they grow more flowers. And it turns out that those markings on the Rocking Stone are instructions for growing rainbow flowers! Basically, each party member has to contribute elemental magic to make the flowers grow.

So the party forms a circle around the newly-scattered seeds, and decide to focus their magic with a spellsong. Yeah, I thought that the party had totally forgotten about spellsinging and jewel circles, but I guess they remembered these abilities for this one spell.

After everyone wastes some time cheering, the party starts to cast their spell. The song they sing is “Earth Song”, another Debra Davis song that wasn’t recorded for the series. Some of the lyrics differ between editions, so maybe it’s a good thing we don’t have a recording to refer back to.

Anyway, Emily starts by casting Control Water:

Shimmering, showering
Droplets like jewels Falling like rain
Fountain of sky life
Awake, and renew Awaken again

The spell purifies the dark rain and causes jets of water to erupt from a nearby lake. Kara then casts Summon Starfire and sings her part of the spellsong. She fires a rainbow out of her jewel, which Starfire pulls across the sky, causing the clouds to clear away. Zach then casts Haste, forcing the flowers to reproduce faster:

Hours to days
Morning to night
Everything blooms
In its own perfect time When their time is right

Ozzie then casts Control Wind, which the rest of the party has to amplify because he isn’t strong enough to affect the flowers by himself. Lastly, Adriane and the mistwolves sing a Wolfsong, which summons the Spirit Pack. In the original edition, Adriane also sings a verse of the song:

Rhythm of life
Spirit of song
Growing together
Our hearts beat as one

Adriane and the mistwolves cast Mist Form and join the Spirit Pack as they pull the flowers’ magic all over Ravenswood. Once they’re done, they return to their physical forms … and find another forest sylph. The new edition explains who the hell this new sylph is, because she just kinda appears out of nowhere:

“I am Wysteria, a sylph from the Moorgroves,” the ancient creature said, her voice resonant with the power of the earth.

Wysteria tells Adriane that Ravenswood’s magic will fade away without a forest spirit to anchor it. Stormbringer volunteers to be the new forest spirit; her reasons are only explained in the new edition:

Storm had been born from the magic of Ravenswood, a world away from the mistwolves of Aldenmor. Though she was connected to the spirit pack, she was never meant to run with them. Her spirit belonged here.

After some tearful farewells, Stormbringer leaves with Wysteria.

Adriane and Dreamer rejoin the party, and discover that everything is back to normal in Ravenswood. And it looks like Adriane leveled up, because her Wolf Stone is now silver.

Status Update!
Zach learns: Haste!
Adriane obtains: Wolf Stone +2!
Adriane leveled up!

Next time: The party visits an art museum.

Ghost Wolf: Dramatis Personae

What are the characters’ names? What is their quest? What are their favorite colors? What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow? Half of these questions will be answered in this Dramatis Personae section, which is only found in the original edition of this book!

I’m assuming this section was inserted for everyone who started with the Quest for Magic books, because it provides a quick overview of the characters and the plot. The entire section is posted below:


  • Emily: The healer, wears the rainbow jewel
  • Adriane: The warrior, wears the wolf stone
  • Kara: The blazing star, wears the unicorn jewel
  • Ozzie: An elf trapped in the body of a ferret, wears the ferret stone

Three teenagers and a ferret whose lives crisscross at the intersection of magic and friendship. Together they fight the dark powers bent on controlling the home of all magic, a mystical place called Avalon.


  • Lyra: Winged leopard cat bonded to Kara
  • Dreamer: Mistwolf bonded to Adriane
  • Stormbringer: Mistwolf bonded to Adriane
  • Ariel: Magical owl
  • Starfire: Elemental fire stallion bonded to Kara
  • Dragonflies: Mini dragons, Goldie, Blaze, Barney, Fiona, and Fred
  • The Drake: Dragon bonded to Zach and Adriane


  • Fairimentals: Protectors of the magic of Aldenmor, take form in different elements
  • Tweek: Experimental earth Fairimental sent to mentor the mages
  • Zach: A teenage boy raised by mistwolves, wears the dragon stone


  • The Ravenswood Animal Preserve


  • The Spider Witch: Elemental magic master
  • The Dark Sorceress: Half human, half animal magic master

Return nine missing power crystals to Avalon. Without these crystals, the magical secrets of Avalon will be lost forever.

A few things of note in this section:
* Emily isn’t bonded to anyone?
* Isn’t “leopard cat” kinda redundant? Or is Lyra supposed to be a cat with leopard-like markings?
* So the Dark Sorceress and Spider Witch are dark mages? Does that mean that becoming a dark mage requires turning into a half-human, half-animal abomination?
* How can anyone complete the quest if Kara blew up a Power Crystal in the last book?

Next time: Oh look, another Trippy Dream Sequence.

All’s Fairy in Love and War, Chapter 21: Let’s Make a Circle of Friends

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is the last half of Chapter 14.)

Kara and Starfire return to the quicksilver lake in the forest, where the dark magic of the Otherworlds is already starting to corrupt the Fairy Realms. Tangoo is somehow controlling this corruption with the Power Crystal he stole from Kara.

Lorren rejoins the party and explains that Tangoo is using the traveling mirrors to spread said corruption through the Fairy Realms. Kara has to somehow reverse the polarity of the magic flow, but isn’t quite sure how to do that. Unfortunately, Kara doesn’t even have enough magic to defeat Tangoo on her own, because Tangoo has that Power Crystal, all the talismans Kara created, and access to the Otherworlds’ magic. Hell, Kara fires an Improved Magic Missile at Tangoo, but Tangoo just reflects it back at her.

Kara realizes that she needs the magic of all her friends in order to beat Tangoo, but how is she going to access that magic when the rest of the party is back on Earth? Well, Kara figures out that she can use Goldie not only to communicate with the party, but to connect her to the party’s magic!

And this is where things get kinda weird. Kara suddenly finds herself back at school, where Emily, Adriane, and Ozzie give her their magic through the dragonflies. And then Kara’s in Ravenswood, where Dreamer and the refugees give Kara their magic. And then she’s in Aldenmor, where the mistwolf pack, the merfolk and their dragons, Zach and Drake, and the Fairimentals lend her their magic. The unicorns at the Unicorn Academy give Kara their magic, as do every single fairy creature in the Fairy Realms. Now Kara has enough power for the boss battle!

Boss: Tangoo
A goblin sorcerer who wants to reweave the Magic Web and make some minor cosmetic changes to the Fairy Realms. Makes really bad puns.
Attacks: Reflect

Okay, this isn’t actually much of a boss battle. Kara uses all her accumulated magic to push back the taint from the Otherworlds. Unfortunately, Kara starts to lose control, and everyone connected to her tries to rein in her power. She starts sensing a dark source of magic that tells her that everyone just uses her for her magic. This really pisses off Kara. She starts feeling a need to obtain more magic, with which should could do some serious reality warping do whatever the hell she wanted, like open the Gates of Avalon.

Luckily, a familiar voice rouses Kara from her dark thoughts: Lyra. Kara realizes that her astronomical leopard never left her at all! So she fires all her magic into the Earth Talisman (it’s called the Heart of the Mountain in the original edition), driving the dark taint from her magic and closing the portal to the Otherworlds.

Of course, Tangoo is very pissed off that his plans didn’t quite work out. He offers Kara unlimited power if she joins with him. Kara obviously doesn’t want to join him, so she fires a Magic Missile. Unfortunately, this Magic Missile is so powerful that it bores through the Power Crystal Tangoo used to shield himself, destroying the crystal and knocking Tangoo into the closing Otherworlds portal.

Lorren gives Kara a much-deserved What the Hell, Heroine? However, Starfire gives Kara his Power Crystal, and then disappears. Kara still feels Starfire’s magic, so he’s alive somewhere. Oh, and Lyra shows up and explains that she was dispelled from her quicksilver form when Kara closed Tangoo’s portal.

And now that the boss battle is over, Kara finally decides to return home. Just one question though: how the hell will the party complete their quest now that one of the Power Crystals is destroyed?

Status Update!
Kara learned: Network Circle of Friends! (Very obviously a Jewel Riders reference.)
Power Crystal Checklist: 2 of 9 8

Next time: Pimped-out outfits for everyone!

All’s Fairy in Love and War, Chapter 20: Stealing the Spotlight

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is the first half of Chapter 14.)

Kara finds herself on stage in the middle of the school production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Her Unicorn Jewel is out of magic, but that’s not the worst thing going on.

The play is in total chaos. Adriane — still disguised as Kara — is hanging on to Marcus in a lovey-dovey way. Ozzie is attempting to do dragonfly damage control, and utterly failing. The Catty Girls are force-feeding Musso. Rae is chasing Kyle like a lovesick puppy. Oh, and the entire audience noticed that Kara suddenly popped into the play … and they think it’s part of the show. Kara recites some of her lines from the play, but Adriane fires Magic Missiles at her. Of course, with humans being stupid in this series, they just think that the Magic Missiles are some kind of special effects trick.

Thankfully, Emily dresses up as a wall (what?) and hides Kara from the audience, giving them the perfect opportunity to recap everything that’s happened so far. Oddly enough, the audience thinks that the unexpected appearance of a wall is all part of the show, too.

Kara summons Starfire so she can return to the Fairy Realms, and the fire horse appears! Turns out he’s not dead after all, because he found another Power Crystal to fuel him. So yay, the party knows where two Power Crystals are!

But wait — what about the obvious fire horse that’s somehow not burning down the entire school? Luckily, Emily takes off her costume and comes up with some BS about advertising the upcoming tourist season at Ravenswood. She then casts Dispel — which Kara amplifies — removing all spells from the cast and crew. The play continues as if nothing happened, and the Catty Girls back away from Musso because they think he’s a weirdo.

Kara then mounts Starfire, and the two ride out of the auditorium. And of course, nobody questions the existence of a bad-ass fire horse. Stupid humans.

Next time: Kara fights a boss with the Power of Friendship.

All’s Fairy in Love and War, Chapter 19: The Sudden, Inevitable Betrayal

(If you’re reading the original edition, this is Chapter 13.)

Kara, Starfire, and Goldie land in a mine cart in the Dwarf Mines. I’m gonna let Donkey Kong provide the recap for this part:

At the end of the super-perilous mine-cart level, the party finds a giant pool full of quicksilver. By this point, Kara has noticed that Starfire is starting to lose his form, so she offers to give him one of the magic talismans. The fire horse, however, insists that Kara save the talisman for attracting the Power Crystal.

Then the party realizes that their adventure in the mines isn’t over yet! There’s a massive maze full of elemental earth magic, in which the walls keep shifting their positions. Kara tries detecting magic to make her way out, but it’s not very effective. She does figure out that the air harp she created earlier can help detect dead ends, so she uses that to make her way out of the maze.

At the exit is yet another massive pool of quicksilver. Kara finds creates another talisman, this time a quicksilver heart. There’s more detail on this in the new edition:

“Quicksilver,” Kara gasped. If she didn’t succeed, Lyra would melt away into a puddle just like this. And she would lose her best friend forever.

“Magic,” Goldie said.

As each bubble broke the surface, twinkles of bright magic were released into the air.

Kara closed her eyes and concentrated. Raising her hands, she sent silky tendrils of fire from her fingertips.

What was she supposed to make this time? She tried to focus but all she could see were Lyra’s beautiful green cat eyes.

After obtaining this talisman, the party jumps through the next mirror.

Now the party is in a dark forest, which is apparently full of evil things because Kara starts detecting evil. So Kara and Starfire start riding off, with Kara firing Magic Missiles at the weird creatures that follow them. Eventually they find some purple trees, which turn green as they ride past them. The two continue to follow the purple trees, which attracts more elemental fire magic. Once the party reaches a clearing, Kara creates the final talisman … a sunstone.

Yes, that’s right. Kara just created the freaking Sun Stone.

Unfortunately, Starfire is starting to lose his shape again, and the monsters are still chasing them. And to make matters worse, the Power Crystal pops in via portal. So the party rides off again, monsters and Power Crystal in tow, until they reach a lake. The monsters surround the party, and Kara realizes too late that this lake is the last mirror.

But not to worry! Lorren flies in on his bat and attacks the monsters. I guess he got out of the Spider Witch’s lair after all. While all this fighting is going on, Kara gets the Power Crystal.

To make things even more confusing, another Lorren shows up! The new Lorren wants Kara to give him the Power Crystal. The first Lorren takes out Mirabelle. Oh noes, which Lorren does Kara think is the real Lorren? Who will she fire a Magic Missile at?

Well, Kara should’ve fired a Magic Missile at the new Lorren, because a) he took the bag of talismans and the Power Crystal, and b) he’s not Lorren at all. He’s actually Tangoo. Tangoo explains that he’s sick and tired of every single fairy creature asking him for help, so he wishes to create a new Magic Web. He plans on blaming Kara’s failure on the Forest Prince. Oh, and he turned Lyra into quicksilver. Kara finally realizes that Tangoo did that so she would have to go find the Power Crystal.

Tangoo uses the talismans to turn the lake into a quicksilver mirror. Then he gives Starfire the fake Blue Rose, killing the fire horse. The lake turns into a portal to the Otherworlds, and Kara falls inside….

… Only to land on the stage during the school play.

Status Update!
Starfire leaves the party!

Next time: Kara burns down the house.