Spider Witch

Full Circle, Chapter 18: Getting the Band Back Together

Last time on Full Circle, Emily discovered some serious reality-warping going down, Ozzie rejoined the party in time to save Emily, and a Final Boss showed up. Will Emily and Ozzie be able to save the rest of the party before the final boss battle? Find out after the cut.


Full Circle, Chapter 13: The Infodump to End All Infodumps

Last time on Full Circle, the party raided the Dark Sorceress’s new lair, easily defeated a boss with Emily’s new game-breaking powers, and finally found Henry Gardener. Will the formerly-absent mentor figure finally teach the party something useful? Find out after the cut.


Dark Mage, Chapter 19: Don’t Go Chasing Power Crystals

Last time on Dark Mage, Adriane’s party defeated a shadow dragon and retrieved a Power Crystal. Unfortunately, Adriane now has a Power Crystal stuck in her chest, and she’s invisible. Will she ever be returned back to normal? Can the party finish their quest if one of the main characters has a Power Crystal inside them? Find out after the cut.