Full Circle, Chapter 10: Breaking the Set

Last time on Full Circle, the party crashed Logan’s little victory shindig at the Black Rose and forced him to give them access to his magitech lab. What fun things will the party find there? Find out after the cut.


Full Circle, Chapter 9: Victory Party Crashers, Part 2

Last time on Full Circle, Ozzie proved that he didn’t die at the Gates of Avalon, and the party told the Fairimentals that the Generic Fantasy Prophecy is a load of BS. Now the party prepares to visit Logan to get some much-needed info on defeating those pesky shadow creatures. Will Logan play nice and assist our heroes? Find out after the cut.


Dark Mage, Chapter 20: Hooray for Item Creation!

Last time on Dark Mage, Emily finally found those missing unicorns and a Power Crystal. Unfortunately, the Spider Witch possesses said Power Crystal, and the unicorns have all been brainwashed with dark magic. Will Emily have to use her new reality-warping powers in a boss battle to save the unicorns and the Power Crystal? Find out after the cut.