Full Circle, Chapter 9: Victory Party Crashers, Part 2

Last time on Full Circle, Ozzie proved that he didn’t die at the Gates of Avalon, and the party told the Fairimentals that the Generic Fantasy Prophecy is a load of BS. Now the party prepares to visit Logan to get some much-needed info on defeating those pesky shadow creatures. Will Logan play nice and assist our heroes? Find out after the cut.


Dark Mage, Chapter 20: Hooray for Item Creation!

Last time on Dark Mage, Emily finally found those missing unicorns and a Power Crystal. Unfortunately, the Spider Witch possesses said Power Crystal, and the unicorns have all been brainwashed with dark magic. Will Emily have to use her new reality-warping powers in a boss battle to save the unicorns and the Power Crystal? Find out after the cut.