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Avalon: Web of Magic Book Club

An update from our friends at Jewel Riders Archive:

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As part of Jewel Riders’ 25th Anniversary Celebration, we wanted to give a little love to Avalon: Web of Magic, the twelve book middle-grade fantasy series (very loosely) based on ✨Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders✨. In March, May, and July, we’ll be discussing the one each of three books on the #podcast, with special guest host and Avalon expert extraordinaire Jacquesworth from our sister site The Avalon Archive! We hope you read along with us and join the discussion!

Use those Christmas gift cards to pick up your copy of the first three #books 📚 Finish the first book before March to be caught up for the first #bookpodcast.

Avalon: Web of Magic Book Club Podcast!

Some exciting news from our friends at Jewel Riders Archive:

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Hey Jewel Fans!

2020 is the twenty-fifth Anniversary of Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders, and we have some great stuff planned for this year.

As part of Jewel Riders’ 25th Anniversary Celebration, we wanted to give a little love to Avalon: Web of Magic, the twelve book middle-grade fantasy series (very loosely) based on Jewel Riders. In March, May, and July, we’ll be discussing one each of three books on the podcast, with special guest host and Avalon expert extraordinaire Jacquesworth from our sister site The Avalon Archive! We hope you read along with us and join the discussion!

Read the complete blog at The Jewel Riders Archive!

Listen to me discuss Avalon: Web of Magic with the guys from the Jewel Riders Archive starting in March!

Jewel Riders Series Finale

Our friends at Jewel Riders Archive would like to remind you that they’re posting the finale of Princess Gwenevere / Starla and the Jewel Riders this coming Friday! Many American fans (myself included) had to resort to summaries or bootleg tapes to experience this because they didn’t air these episodes. Soon you’ll be able to watch them online in English (both Gwen and Starla versions) and French!

“Enchanted Jewel Riders” Show Bible

Much like the “Enchanted Camelot” script I was able to share earlier,   I also wanted to share an early version of the Jewel Riders show bible.  This contains a number of differences from the show we ended up with as well, in addition to all sorts of nifty little bits of background information.  I’ve outlined some of the really interesting stuff below, but I heartily recommend checking it out for yourself!

Read the show bible here!

Show Bible Date: 11/5/94 (For reference, the “Enchanted Quest” script was dated 8/2/94)

  • Avalon is a secret, hidden land.
  • We’ve moved to the Seven Stones of the Kingdom from the Ten Stones in the script.
  • Travel Trees appear! Apparently, Merlin grows them in a garden behind his house before transplanting them where they need to go.
  • Apparently, each time a new human/animal team works with a jewel, they uniquely tune it to their own attribute and strengths.
  • Friendship Ring Ceremony/Bonding
  • o   Young people between the ages of 12-18 are eligible to receive an Enchanted Jewel
  • o   The attendees to the Ceremony are supposed to sing a “song of friendship” for the jewel to split into its two halves!
  • o   By the ages of 21-25, the pairs are so attuned they don’t need an Enchanted Jewel to communicate, so the Jewel is passed on.
  • Apparently, the spirit of youth and the recognition of love and friendship resonating through the Enchanted Jewels is what keeps Avalon strong and good.
  • The Sun Stone originally used different colors of the rainbow to access different powers!
  • Apparently, the Jewels originally allowed the Jewel Riders to tap into, focus, and channel the Wild Magic of Avalon.
  • The Seven Stones of the Kingdom:
  • o   The Great Forests – Stone of the Jade Forest (Jade Tree)

    o   The Burning Deserts – Stone of the Desert Star (Ruby Star)

    o   The Forests of Arden – Stone of the Rainbow Falls (Rainbow)

    o   The Great Plains – Stone of the Dreamfields (Opal Cloud)

    o   The Jungle – Faery Stone (Emerald Wand)

    o   The Riverdells – Lady of the Lake Stone (Sapphire Flower)

    • (I’m dying to know what story this would have been now!)

    o   The Crystal Peaks – Stone of Burning Ice (Diamond Snowflake)

  • The Enchanted Jewels originally had different power levels!
  • o   Reading the descriptions of the Enchanted Jewels, you can see where the people who made the trading cards got a lot of their information from!)

    o   Level One of the Sun Stone is “Beauty Energy.” So this is what Kale references in Dreamfields when she has the Sun Stone!

    o   The Moon and Sun Stone work best together at dawn or dusk!

    o   The Moon Stone at its most powerful had the ability to control the tides!

    o   The Heart Stone is a “Wild Crystal” – unpredictable, but very strong on emotional levels.

    • Heart Stone also strengthens the effects of the other Enchanted Jewels.

    o   There were originally six Forest Stones.

  • A list of other stones kept in the Jewel Keep: Water Stone, Star Stone, Wind Stone, Fire Stone, Earth Stone, and generic “Wild Crystals” (described as being like a mood ring in terms of showing whether it was good or evil?)
  • Originally there was going to be much more of a love triangle between Gwen, Melody, and Shawn!
  • Brand was going to be a “stubborn traditionalist” who objected to Alex riding with the Pack.
  • o   His wolf Blazer is described as having the “colors of a majestic flaming sunset”
  • Heh, Kale’s original hair color is described as “Florescent” and her color scheme was going to be “Burnt Orange” and “Bruised Purple”
  • Lol! Rufus and Twig’s descriptions read “Humbling Bumbler” and “We bow at such Immensity”! WTF.
  • Gwen is well versed in several schools of martial arts!
  • One of Gwen’s pet peeves is that Melody can eat anything she wants and never get fat!?
  • Alex’s unicorn has changed in name from “Midnight” to “Moonglow.”
  • People like to stay on Alex’s good side because they remember her boxing proficiency. XD
  • Alex and Moonglow are the first girls accepted to run with the Pack.
  • Alex had a little dragonet friend named Sky Dancer! (Avalon Web of Magic reference, competing 90s show reference, and toy pack-in reference, check!)
  • Melody was a special student of Merlin’s because of her musical abilities.
  • o   Music in Avalon causes vibrations in the air that excites wild magic, allow the energy to be used.

    o   She also does special duties for Queen Angelene, where she travels on behalf of the Crystal Palace spreading joy and good will through music. On these outings she rides in the “Crystal Coach”

    o   Melody’s parents were named May and Orvan.

  • Cleo was original teal, and Samantha was pink.
  • Shawn is the son of the Earl of the Riverdells Township.
  • Kale originally had a “horde of misfit animals” that was going to eventually “storm the Crystal Palace.”
  • o   Aside from Grimm, Rufus, and Twig, she also had Nitemary (a giant blue bat), Slither (Green snake), and Geezer (purple singing Goblin!)
  • Whenever Kale used the Dark Stone, the power would totally possess her and shine purple light through her eyes (like the figure!)
  • Josh apparently wanted to turn Avalon into a world of machines!
  • Apparently almost any profession in New Camelot can sing and tap into magic to make their goods better? Like weavers and bakers and the like.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the show bible!


Ry’s Fan Fiction Corner

Hi everyone and welcome to a special episode in self-promotion, featuring Ry!  (I’m the person helping out Jacquesworth with the Jewel Riders recaps if we’re not acquanited.)  In my spare time, I’ve written a few Jewel Riders fics, and wanted to share them with all of you lovely folk here.  I know this blog is not strictly a Jewel Riders endeavor, but given the two series’ intertwining history I thought these might be of interest to some of the readers here.

Heart Stone: A Tale of Tamara

This is the longest of the fics – I started it in 2008, and just recently finished updating it after a successful NaNoWriMo 2013.  This is a Tamara-centric prequel to the main series.

Queen Kale

This is a ‘what-if?’ one-shot based on the idea that Kale inherited the Sun Stone instead of Queen Anya.  It’s based on material found in the S1 episode “Dreamfields.”

The Feast of Saint Valentine

A short Valentine’s Day one-shot featuring Drake and Gwen.  Mostly teeth-rotting fluff.

I would love any feedback or comments you might have.  Cheers!

/end shameless plug. 😀

Heart of Avalon: First Impressions

Oh, Heart of Avalon (originally stylized as Heart of AvAlon). I had no idea when exactly this book was originally released, other than it was sometime in late 2004. I had just left home for college, and the local Borders didn’t carry the Avalon books, so I had to special order it. And after I finally got it, I walked around campus trying very hard to hide a children’s fantasy book in my backpack between my Intro to Semantics textbook and a copy of The Song of Roland.

This is the last Avalon book that had an original edition published, so it’s the last time I get to show off differences between editions. And trust me, there are a lot of changes between editions in this book. But the story is still essentially the same: Emily learns new abilities, struggles with how to use them, and gets some much-needed character development. The book’s title doesn’t follow the same naming convention as other Emily books (i.e. there’s no unicorns mentioned), but you know it’s an Emily book because she’s on the cover.

For you Jewel Riders fans, this book is “Song of the Rainbow” meets “Jewel of the Sea” meets “Shadowsong”. The plots and major elements of those episodes are just taken in their entirety and mixed up a little. When reading both editions, I noticed at least one Jewel Riders reference on every page — that’s how numerous the connections are in this book. Hell, a line from the show’s theme song is the key to opening up a dungeon at the end of the book!

And speaking of connections, look at the covers for both editions!

See that heart-shaped jewel in front of Emily? That’s her Rainbow Jewel +2 … which is later called a Heart Stone. That’s right, Jewel Riders fans: Emily gets the freaking Heart Stone!

Otherwise, both covers are exactly the same. You got Emily on a tropical island, with a watery figure giving her a Heart Stone Rainbow Jewel +2. I always found it funny that the original edition cover is trying very hard to hide that the water chick is nude (note: female chests don’t work that way!), and that Emily is staring at some space beyond the watery figure. Blankly staring faces, even when they’re not looking directly at you, are still creepy.

What to expect from this book:

  • Some serious character development for Emily!
  • Tons of Jewel Riders references!
  • A new male party member!
  • Some secrets regarding the Original Party are finally revealed!
  • Some secrets regarding current party members are alluded to!

Next time: the party visits New Camelot, and Emily feels severely under-leveled.