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Cry of the Wolf, Chapter 15: Escape-a-roo!

No, Adriane does not die of radiation poisoning in the Dark Sorceress’s lair. The dragonflies show up and create a tiny portal that allows Adriane to talk with Emily, Kara, and Ozzie back on Earth (she shows up on the nifty magitech computer screen in the original edition). After catching up on everything, Emily casts Slow Poison and Heal (all amplified by Kara of course), thus curing Adriane and all the animals.

Adriane still needs to get the hell out of the dungeons, but the animals insist there is no escape. Lyra, however, escaped from the dungeons, so she psychically links up with her sisters (who also happen to be amongst the animals) and sends them a Dungeon Map. Yay, now they can sneak out!

The journey isn’t really detailed in the book: all we know is that a) there’s a lot of workers inside who don’t give a rat’s ass that there’s a mage and 30 animals on the loose, and b) Scorge is imprisoned somewhere. Adriane frees him, but leaves him to his own devices while she continues her long dungeon crawl. Let’s pretend her trek’s like the first level of Shining in the Darkness, except you can replace the slimes with Yuan-ti reptilicons (fast-forward halfway through for the actual dungeon).

Adriane makes her way out into the magical nuclear wasteland that is the Shadowlands. She discovers that the lair looks like a collection of volcanoes that have doors at their bases. Wait a minute: what’s man-made, vaguely volcano-shaped, and has the potential to cause nuclear disaster?

Yeah, who knew there would be an anti-nuclear-power message in these books? “Remember, kids: nuclear power can create irradiated wastelands! And THINK OF THE ANIMALS!”

Anyway, once outside, Adriane reunites with Stormbringer, who conveniently decided to show up. The meeting is short, however: everyone’s favorite manticore crashes the party, and he’s better prepared this time around.

Status Update!
Adriane learned Detect Evil!
Stormbringer rejoins the party!

EDIT: Changes in the e-book edition

  • Emily and Kara gasp when they learn that Adriane is in the Dark Sorceress’s dungeon.
  • The girls don’t concentrate when Emily heals Adriane.
  • The dragonflies don’t say anything when they temporarily break their portal after Adriane is healed.

Next time: The inevitable Boss Battle!