Day: September 16, 2019

Avalon Production Update: 16 September 2019

Your semi-regular update on the Avalon: Web of Magic animated series!

Strange Things Are Afoot:

Some rather disappointing events happened over the weekend.

  • The Instagram account is no more. If you were wondering why most of the links to Instagram updates and comments have suddenly vanished, now you know. I have saved all images related to the Avalon animated series, and all quotes regarding series production are still kept in previous production updates. Links sourcing the quotes will be preserved for archival purposes.
  • Mind’s Eye Entertainment has taken down the concept art for the mages from their website. Only the Ravenswood Manor concept art and the series poster remain. Unless told otherwise, I will continue to host the concept art here and on Tumblr.

As always, if you want to send me any Avalon news, you can use the handy Contact the Archive link above.