Avalon Production Update: 15 April 2019

Your semi-regular update on the Avalon: Web of Magic animated series!

From the voyager.world Instagram:

News Gleaned from Instagram Comments:

  • Re: demographics: lots of partners on board to satisfy- mandate is go younger but keep the edge- we’ll get it right
  • Re: evolution of Adriane’s character design: depends where she is on her character arc- in the beginning def more reserved- once Kara enters her life, she does try some new things
  • Re: demographics and character design: getting the girls’ age right for our key demo (7-10) is the biggest challenge – and there’s lots of cooks in the kitchen which is normal with so many different partners so it’s going to be a balance – this is the best so far.
  • Re: animation: CGI but we want more of an anime look with shading rather than full 3D like Trollhunter or Spy Kids
  • Re: demographics: that’s the sweet spot for licensing which is how investors make their money back – however the show will appeal to a much wider age range like the Disney / Pixar films do
  • Re: broadcasting: we don’t have a US broadcaster yet – once we have an episode or 2 finished we will shop it – this way they know exactly what they are getting- production start is looking like July- finishing in 2020 / 2021 – sounds like a long time but this will look more like a movie than a tv series – the good news is once the pipeline is up and running we can move right into season 2 for faster turnaround
  • Re: production and character designs: we’re very close, hang in there. We doing some redesigns on characters as well — will have some new pics soon
  • Re: broadcasting: TBD – we will start production then sell the package of 13 it to pone of the streamers like Netflix or amazon

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