French Edition of Spellsinger Announced! has recently posted a title and synopsis for the French edition of Spellsinger. Here it is translated below:


Kara is organizing a big concert to introduce the Ravenswood Reserve to the world. Shortly before the big day, a magical being announces to Emily, Kara and Adriane that a great danger lies in wait for them. This announcement strangely coincides with the arrival of superstar Johnny Conrad, who decides to share the stage with a lucky winner. Kara is ready to do anything to be in the spotlight, especially since the singer seems to be particularly interested in her, even if she can’t carry a tune! From that point on, things go wrong. Kara seems under the influence of a strange force: she begins to behave strangely, moves away from her friends and approaches the mysterious Johnny Conrad. He finally proposes to her to go on stage. Meanwhile, Emily and Adriane discover a grimoire enabling them to practice magic by singing spells… What if the song that Kara was about to sing in a rasping voice was none other than an evil spell?

The French edition of Spellsinger will be released on 5 September 2018 in the EU. American fans, expect the e-book edition to be released a month later in the Kindle store.


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