Case of the Haunted Hearts, Scene 5: Snakes in a Trailer

Last time on Case of the Haunted Hearts, Angel’s reunion with Melissa is interrupted by an angry rattlesnake! Will they get that damn snake out of Mel’s trailer? Find out after the cut.

“Don’t move,” I whispered.

Appearing in This Chapter:

Angel West: Our POV character.

Melissa DeGravis: Star of Haunted Hearts and Angel’s best friend.

Mac: Director of Haunted Hearts. Obviously supposed to be McG.

Nameless Snake Wrangler: Captures the snake. We’ll never see him again.

The Plot So Far:

Oh, crap. There’s an angry rattlesnake in Mel’s trailer. Thanks to some quick thinking, Angel distracts the snake by calling Mel’s cell phone, allowing her to trap it under a blanket. The girls take this opportunity to escape.

Once outside, Melissa complains about the snake incident to everyone on set. The movie’s reptile wrangler catches the snake and assures everyone that it’s a defanged one that was on-call for the day’s filming. Melissa also confirms that there’s a murder by rattlesnake bite in the Haunted Hearts script. So whoever is sabotaging the movie is following the script to the letter.

Back in the trailer, Melissa pours on the waterworks for Angel (“OH NOES SOMEONE IS OUT TO RUIN ME”) … and then she discovers a threatening message on her laptop! We’re talking a glowing skull with snakes and a sinister line from the movie in dripping red letters. Angel volunteers to help discover who sent the message, but Melissa turns her down. But that’s not gonna stop Angel from investigating all the trouble on set! Someone is trying to harm Mel, and it’s Angel’s job to find out who it is.

Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:

Angel knew that calling Mel’s cell would distract the rattlesnake because snakes react to vibrations and low-frequency sounds. Who knew that binge-watching nature shows on TV would prove to be useful?

The snake’s name is Becky.

Angel sure does fixate a lot on Melissa’s eyes. It’s like she’s … infatuated … with her.

The threatening message on Mel’s laptop is similar to the one Kara finds on her computer in All That Glitters when the Dark Sorceress attempts to hack it. RR sure likes her sinister dripping red fonts.

Sorry for Not Updating Recently:

But (a) There’s been no new Avalon news since they released the final character designs for the demo, and (b) I just started even more post-grad work. I’ll try to post at least a recap a week now that my schedule has settled down.

NEXT TIME: Angel visits the Haunted Hearts production offices.


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