Month: September 2017

Avalon Production Update, 4 September 2017

Your weekly round-up of updates on theĀ Avalon: Web of MagicĀ animated series!

Production Art:

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Notes from the Archivist:

In case you haven’t seen the comments on’s Instagram account, fan reaction to the final character designs have been … mixed. Some have praised them, while others voiced objection to Kara’s hair and Adriane’s skin color. The folks at have yet to respond to the fans. (A video of a cat purring doesn’t count.)

If anyone cares, here’s my take on the character designs: Emily and Adriane look good, but Kara looks like Amy Poehler’s head stuck on a pre-teen body. Maybe her design reads better in the animated demo? Let’s hope that gets released soon so we can see the mages in action!