Avalon Production Update, 17 July 2017

Your weekly round-up of updates on the Avalon: Web of Magic animated series!

From Instagram image comments:

  • Re: animation style: “we’re exploring using the unreal game engine for cgi animation” [source]
  • Re: Ozzie’s character design: “everyone agrees he needs some work. We’ll tweak him pre-series start” [source]
  • Re: series and episode lengths: “we have 26 half hours for the initial order, but the studio is doing all kinds of tests” [source]

Production Art:


Tangentially Related:

  • Rachel Roberts published a new book: Case of the Haunted Hearts. It’s the first of the Angel West YA mystery books that was teased on Red Sky Entertainment’s site post-Avalon: Web of Magic (and mentioned in our interview with her). I will start posting recaps here on Wednesday. This means that I’ll be putting my recap of Shadow and Bone on hold — which I’ve neglected to update for a couple of months on account of me being annoyed with the Protagonist and her Love Interest.


    1. I’ll admit, I’ve been having a lot of fun reading Case of the Haunted Hearts so far. My only problem with it is that the protagonist is a cross between Emily and Kara from Avalon. I’ll discuss this further in the actual recap.

      1. Hey, why did you never finish these PGJR episode recaps? Also would you perhaps edit either Avalon or Jewel Riders wikis, or both?

        1. I think I stopped the recaps a few years back because I was busy with post-grad stuff. I’ll get back in touch with Ry at some point and finish them.

          I used to edit the Avalon wiki, but haven’t been back there in a few years because of the lack of series news. If a substantial update on the animated series drops I’ll start editing stuff there again.

          1. There’s a yet-to-do list at http://starla.wikia.com/wiki/Princess_Gwenevere_and_the_Jewel_Riders_Wiki that you might help with. You might also notice your stuff’s used quite a lot, about which I hope you’re fine with it!

            I actually cleaned up the Avalon wiki so you might check it out. There’s http://avalonwebofmagic.wikia.com/wiki/Avalon:_Web_of_Magic_(animated_series) too now, but for example just the portal-like front page of http://avalonwebofmagic.wikia.com/wiki/Avalon:_Web_of_Magic_Wiki remains badly outdated.

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