Shadow and Bone, Chapter 17: A Supply Run Turns Sour

Last time on Shadow and Bone, Alina left the Little Palace, got noticed by the Darkling’s men, and was rescued by Mal. Where will the duo venture next? Find out after the cut.

The Next Day…

Alina infodumps Mal on everything that’s happened in the book so far as they travel deeper into the mountains of not!Russia. Mal’s conclusion: Even if Alina manages to catch her ship on the other side of the Shadow Fold, there’s no way she’ll escape the Darkling’s grasp. As the party continues to venture forth, Alina comes to realize that Mal may be right.

That night, Mal states his intent to head to Tsibeya and track down Morozova’s stag before the Darkling finds it. He also reveals that he was ordered to locate Alina soon after he left the Little Palace, which explains why he find her in the last chapter and helped her escape from the oprichniki. Unfortunately for Mal, he can’t ever return to the army because he’ll be executed for desertion and/or treason.

Over the Next Few Days…

  • The party ventures through the Petrazoi Mountains
  • Mal refuses to reveal anything about what he’s been doing since Alina was taken by the Grisha
  • The party finally leaves the mountains

Oh Shit … a Supply Run!

Lucky for our Protagonists, it’s Butter Week, when the local nobles drive a cart full of cheese and bread through town, leading the villagers to their estate for an Epic Feast. This basically means that Alina and Mal get FREE FOOD. (They still have to buy other supplies, though.)

Alina does take advantage of the FREE FOOD, which pisses off Mal because he’s afraid of people recognizing her. Of course, he’s right … because the party is immediately waylaid by thieves who figure out that Mal is a deserter! Thanks to some well-aimed flashes of light from her Mirror Gloves and a kick or two to the thieves’ groins, Alina and Mal manage to escape (minus their blanket, rifle, and money, unfortunately).

Once out of town, Mal admits that they should never have gone in the first place. The thieves are likely to sell the army their intel on our heroes, thus alerting the Darkling to their plans. But at least Alina kept that FREE FOOD she got at the festival!

After eating the FREE FOOD and relieving their tension though uncontrollable laughter, Alina and Mal venture forth to an abandoned cottage to camp for the night. Things seem to be improving between the two, since Mal finally shows interest in listening to Alina’s experiences at the Little Palace.

Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:

OMG sorry I’m so late with this recap. I’ve been busy with work and teaching myself Russian. Well, more Russian than the stuff I’ve picked up from my poor attempt at following the KHL 7 years ago. Hopefully my translations will improve as the recap continues.

Oh great. I’m on Twitter now. I won’t be posting my handle here, but if you want it you can always e-mail me via the handy Contact the Archive link above. If you do decide to follow me, don’t expect much. I only made an account to follow my hockey teams and maybe complain about books.

Mal is so polite: he loots a house for clothes and leaves some money behind to make up for it.

Butter Week, aka Maslenitsa (масленица), is the Slavic equivalent of Carnival / Mardi Gras. Interesting fact: it originated as a sun festival celebrating the end of winter. So it seems appropriate (and symbolic) that our Sun Summoner drops in on the festivities.

This is your friendly reminder that YOU CAN’T GET DRUNK OFF KVASS.

Words in Russian:

  • blini — блины (bliny)
  • dom — дом
  • Lev — Лев
  • Rikov — Риков
  • sarafan — сарафан

Translation Time:

  • блины — Russian — pancakes
  • дом — Russian — house

Next time: The party reaches not!Siberia. Mal reveals the fate of his tracking unit.


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