The Evertree, Chapter 22: Rebirth

Last time on The Evertree, the party defeated Kovo, but destroyed the Evertree in the process. Have our heroes doomed the world? Find out after the cut.

Conor didn’t know how it would happen. Would Briggan disappear in a flash of light, just like the others had? Would the dying Evertree reclaim him, somehow? Or would he simply die, the way Conor had seen sheep die before, the way so many who’d crossed their paths had already died? Conor ran his hand absently through Briggan’s fur. He bowed his head and braced himself. He’d always sympathized with those who lost their spirit animals, and he’d told himself to be ready for this moment ever since he first felt it during his visions.

But Conor and the rest of our heroes have nothing to worry about: their spirit animals don’t die because they already gave their lives during the first global war. There is much rejoicing.

Shane ditches the party while everyone else is celebrating. Abeke decides not to pursue him; she’d be no better than him if she didn’t show mercy. The party agrees.

Afterwards, Conor lays the Endgame Weapon by the remains of the Evertree. Suddenly, an Evertree Sprout appears! Conor thinks it’s a sign that the ex-Great Beasts will return, and that our Protagonists’ spirit animals will regain their former glory.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:

You’ll find out what happens to Shane when I recap the last two parts of The Book of Shane. Basically, he goes on an Epic Quest of Redemption and learns about the sequel series’ Big Bad before our Protagonists do. If the rumors I’ve heard about the most recent installment of Fall of the Beasts are true, Shane’s Epic Quest of Redemption ends with his death. Way to kill off the one character I kinda gave a shit about, authors.

Spoiler for Fall of the Beasts: the ex-Great Beasts return as spirit animals, just like the Four Fallen.


Next time: The Protagonists return home and reunite with their families. Well, except for Meilin, because her family’s dead. But still! Reunions! And a conclusion!

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