The Evertree, Chapter 21: The Evertree

Last time on The Evertree, the party disarmed Kovo and prepared to cast a spell with the Endgame Weapon. Will it be enough to defeat the Final Boss? Find out after the cut.

A brilliant bolt of lightning struck the wounded Evertree. Abeke ducked down and covered her ears, but the explosion tossed her easily to the ground. It shook the entire crater. Sparks of fire flew from the Evertree, quickly igniting on each of its lower branches. The giant tree groaned in agony, shuddering, and then an enormous crack split the entire tree down its middle. Abeke winced at the sight, as if the lightning had struck her instead.

So Conor cast Call Lightning on the Evertree, destroying the tree and killing Kovo all at once. Our heroes watch the destruction in a rather symbolic torrential rain. Eventually, they are treated to a vision of the beginning of the world and the birth of the Evertree and the Great Beasts. It’s very obvious death and rebirth symbolism.

Suddenly, our heroes realize that this may signal the end of their bonds with their spirit animals…


Next time: A Great Deku Tree Sprout appears!

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