The Evertree, Chapter 17: Tellun

Last time on The Evertree, Shane revealed his backstory to our Protagonists and apologized for everything that happened throughout the series, and Tellun finally showed up with his talisman. Will he help the party defeat the Final Boss? Find out after the cut.

Tellun was, by far, the largest of all the Great Beasts. Rollan fell to his knees before the mighty elk, unable to look away. For once, he was at a loss for words.

Oh, look who finally decided to show up. Let’s see what happens next:

Tellun: *casts Heal on Meilin and Shane*

Meilin: Yay! Now I won’t be mind-controlled again.

Rollan: Yay! I missed all your teasing! *kisses Meilin*

Everyone: Um … that was unexpected.

Conor: *gives Tellun a Status Update*

Tellun: Kovo is headed for the Evertree, the birthplace of all life!

Everyone: Please explain further. We have no idea what you’re talking about.

Tellun: Us Godlike Animals and our McGuffins were born from the Evertree. That tree is the source of the bond between man and spirit animal. It is the soul of every living thing! All this apocalyptic weather is caused by the Evertree reacting to the encroaching darkness.

Rollan: And what happens if Kovo reaches this tree?

Tellun: Well, last time he made an Endgame Weapon out of half of the McGuffins and wounded the Evertree, causing the bonding sickness. This time he has a 93% complete Endgame Weapon, so he can summon all the Godlike Animals and potentially control every living thing on Erdas.

Rollan: That doesn’t sound like a Good Thing.

Tellun: And that’s why I’m giving you my McGuffin. I am being summoned to the Evertree, so I’d rather leave the McGuffin safe with you.

Conor: *obtains Platinum Elk*

Tellun: The age of the Godlike Animals may be coming to and end. And we’re being summoned to a Final Boss Battle…


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:

We never find out what the Platinum Elk does. The official wiki claims that it cures the Bile, cancels out the effects of other talismans, and grants Enhanced Intelligence and Enhanced Wisdom. (However, I think that Tellun cured Meilin and Shane of the Bile without using the talisman because his antlers glowed when he cast Heal. Doesn’t seem like the talisman had anything to do with it.)


Next time: Shane tries to join the party.


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