The Evertree, Chapter 16: Duel

Last time on The Evertree, Kovo took all the McGuffins, and Abeke challenged Shane to a Boss Battle. Who will win? Find out after the cut.

The last time Abeke had confronted Shane, they were at Greenhaven, and she’d seen him turn her kindness against her, stealing their talismans and running away like a coward. Now, as she faced him once more, all of his past betrayals came hurtling back, overwhelming her.

Abeke remembers all the times Shane was remotely nice to her throughout the series, and she gets pissed. How dare he manipulate her into trusting him! This is enough for her to start whaling on Shane with rather non-lethal blows with Zerif’s sword (which she equipped for this battle).

Shane counters with “Dude, you had it easy because you summoned a Reincarnated Godlike Leopard! I came from a nation of Designated Villains who were totally forsaken by the rest of the world for our ancestors’ mistakes! I watched my family get destroyed by bonding sickness because you Greencloaks were assholes and denied us the Nectar! And then Zerif (who I guess is 100% A Dick) showed me how to make the Bile, which was the first cure for bonding sickness we’ve ever seen! I thought I was helping my people! What choice did I have?”

Unfortunately, Shane recapping the events of his prequel short story pisses off Abeke enough to attempt landing a fatal hit on him. Shane doesn’t fight back, so Abeke knocks him down with the sword’s pommel instead. Shane then apologizes for everything that happened during the series, and admits that Abeke was his only friend. It’s enough to get Abeke to stop attack him, but she admits that Shane means nothing to her now.

And with that not-quite-a-Boss-Battle over, Tellun the Godlike Elk finally decides to make an appearance. Oh, and he decided to bring his McGuffin, too.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:

The memory that pushes Abeke over the edge and starts the Boss Battle: the tutorial Abeke went through in the first book. Goes to show that you don’t trick potential allies when you first meet them, especially during the goddamn tutorial mission.

In case you were wondering where Abeke got Zerif’s sword: Zerif dropped it when he left Muttering Rock. It’s not like he’s going to need it, though — he’s gonna come back as an even more powerful and annoying boss (read: 200% A Dick) in the sequel series.

Because I Can:

Here’s a trailer for the movie Duel.


Next time: We finally learn why the Evertree is so goddamn important.


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