The Evertree, Chapter 14: Kovo

Last time on The Evertree, our Protagonists arrived at not!Ayers Rock just in time to see Kovo escape and create an Endgame Weapon. Is this the end for our heroes? Find out after the cut.

Kovo had sent for them. Kovo had tricked Conor. All this effort, all they’d lost on the journey to Stetriol — the Greencloaks at the bay, the Tellun’s Pride, Dorian — had been at the request of Kovo, who’d expected them to appear all along.

Well, crap. Our Protagonists have been tricked into finding the Sealed Evil in a Can and bringing the Final Boss the last pieces of the Endgame Weapon. Conor decides it’s high time the party escaped. Unfortunately, Halawir (Godlike Golden Eagle, also 100% A Dick) blocks their way. This forces our heroes to witness this exchange between Shane, Kovo, and Gerathon:

Shane: Okay, I got you the McGuffins. Now hand me the Endgame Weapon!

Kovo: Um, no. You suck.

Shane: We had a deal! And you, Gerathon — you killed my sister!

Gerathon: Hey, she thought we served your stupid family. Instead, we’ve been manipulating you this whole time.

Shane: Why, you dicks!

Now with that reveal over, Kovo proclaims that the Staff of Cycles gives him control over the Evertree (whatever the hell that is), and thus the world. And he needs the Protagonists’ McGuffins in order to complete it. Basically, he tells them to hand the McGuffins over, or else he’ll kill them.

Zerif, 100% A Dick to the end, ditches Shane and sides with Kovo. Shane gets so pissed that he summons his crocodile and attacks Kovo. His charge proves to be unsuccessful: Gerathon possesses him and Meilin and forces them to attack the party! Luckily, Abeke knocks out Meilin while the rest of the party deals with Shane and Zerif.

And then Kovo casts some sort of spell with the Endgame Weapon…


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:

Abeke forces herself to not pity Shane when he’s betrayed by Kovo and Gerathon.

This is the first mention of the titular Evertree in the main series. And I’m still pissed that I’m over halfway through the last book, and nobody knows why that tree is so goddamn significant.


Next time: The party learns what the Endgame Weapon does.



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