The Evertree, Chapter 12: Friends and Enemies

Last time on The Evertree, the party attempted to sneak past the Conquerors, but got waylaid by Meilin. Who will emerge victorious? Find out after the cut.

The Lazy Recap:

Get yourself a copy of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and skip to the part where Cap and Bucky fight on the helicarrier. That’s pretty much what happens in this chapter.

The Recap Proper:

Rollan didn’t know what to think at the sight of her. He didn’t know how to react. He didn’t know why his first thought was of the last time he’d seen her, running away from them with Abeke in tow, her mind and body no longer under her own control. He had no idea what expression must be on his face.

Meilin, possessed by Gerathon, orders her Conquerors to attack the party! You know what this means: it’s time for an I Know You’re in There Somewhere Boss Battle!

While everyone deals with the Conquerors, Rollan decides to face Meilin and Shane, who’s blocking the path forward with his giant saltwater crocodile. Just before he reaches Meilin, though, Finn calls for our Protagonists to retreat. Rollan ends up falling in the confusion … only for Meilin to find him and tell him where the Conquerors aren’t patrolling.

Rollan, realizing that Meilin is somehow able to overcome the mind-control effects of the Bile, passes the intel on to the rest of the party. As our Protagonists escape, Rollan uses his Essix Vision and discovers that Olvan’s reinforcements finally arrived and engaged the Conquerors!

Olvan, some of MacDonnell’s men, Lishay, and a band of Niloans fight Zerif (100% A Dick), and quickly learn that he still has the Iron Boar equipped. (Stoneskin is an annoyingly OP ability in this series.) Meanwhile, Monte gives our Protagonists a fresh set of horses and tells them to ride for Kovo’s prison. The party ventures forth … and is waylaid by Meilin, Shane, and their Conquerors again!

Now it’s time to start our I Know You’re in There Somewhere Boss Battle! It really does follow all the beats of the Cap / Bucky fight I mentioned at the beginning of this recap, including:

  • Abeke telling Meilin that she won’t fight her
  • Meilin beating the everloving crap out of Abeke and Rollan
  • Rollan trying to help Meilin remember their past together, including a paraphrase of “We’re with you until the end of the line”

Eventually, Meilin breaks Gerathon’s mind control, tells Rollan to keep her hands tied, and rejoins the party. Shane — who’s been fighting Abeke while Rollan was dealing with Meilin — gets pissed and orders Gerathon to repossess Meilin. Instead, Gerathon possess Shane and casts Sonic Blast with the Gold Lion! Shane and Zerif ride off to Muttering Rock while the party is dazed. Once they recover, our Protagonists give chase.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:

Abeke does a pretty decent imitation of Legolas’s insane horse mounting technique during the battle.


Next time: Our Protagonists learn what happens when all the McGuffins are combined.


    1. I have Chapter 13 cued up for tomorrow. Thanks to my insane work schedule (I work 12 hour days now!) you should expect recaps twice a week. My hope is to get done with recaps for this book by the end of September.

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