The Evertree, Chapter 8: Battle at Sea

Last time on The Evertree, the party’s final supply run before the Point of No Return was interrupted by starving war orphans and a Conqueror ambush. Will they have enough items to survive the endgame? Find out after the cut.

When Rollan went up to the deck of the Tellun’s Pride the next morning, the ocean had turned choppy and black. Black.

Well, crap. Our Protagonists have suddenly sailed into The Pirates of Dark Water.

I kid, I kid. Rollan’s just hanging out in the apocalyptic weather and realizing that he’s been a dick to Dorian. He decides to apologize to him later.

Kalani’s also out in the apocalyptic weather, keeping an eye on the whales and her dolphin. Rollan, who is still considered taboo to Kalani’s people, tries to convince her to acknowledge him because this may be their last adventure together. This is enough to get Kalani to reveal that she sensed the ship’s whales’ dying, and that she sent her dolphin out to check on them. The only way to save the whales is to cut them loose so they can swim to clearer waters.

Rollan prepares to tell the ship’s captain his plan when Essix calls out a warning: she’s spotted Stetriol! Unfortunately, our Protagonists have to contend with a narrow strait full of lava and a Conqueror ship bearing on their asses. I guess this means it’s time for some serious Naval Battle action!

That cannon tutorial from last chapter comes in handy as our Protagonists fire at the Conqueror ship. The battle doesn’t last very long, though: the Cool Ship hits some rocks, and is left stranded when Kalani cuts the whales free. Rollan and Conor then have an insane idea: ram the Conqueror ship! They order everyone to abandon ship before they attempt the maneuver.

The plan works excellently … but the Tellun’s Pride and the Conqueror ship are both destroyed. Our Protagonists and the Sirs / Little Misses Only Appearing in This Book Brigade survive and make it to shore. Dorian, unfortunately, succumbs to stonefish poison upon arriving at the beach.

Good news: our heroes have reached the Very Definitely Final Dungeon. Too bad Rollan never got the chance to apologize to Dorian, though.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:

Remember that seagull from the last chapter? Turns out it really did belong to a Conqueror spy. Essix finds it leading the Conqueror ship at the start of the battle.

Maya doesn’t use the cannons like the rest of the party during the naval battle. Instead, she casts Fireball. It’s surprisingly ineffective in this situation, because she has to be in close range for her spells to hit.

In Memoriam

We barely knew you, Dorian. I guess you were a decent enough Replacement Mentor Figure: you taught the Protagonists how to fire cannons and gave a harsh lesson on the pitfalls of Random Acts of Kindness. But you didn’t get much characterization beyond Obviously Not Tarik, so … yeah, I didn’t care about your passing. Sorry.


Next time: The party holds funeral services for the dead Greencloaks before venturing forth into the Stetriolian interior.


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