The Evertree, Chapter 6: Dorian

Last time on The Evertree, most of the Sirs / Little Misses Only Appearing in This Book joined the party, and the Protagonists decided to start the endgame quest. Will they save the world? Find out after the cut.

The journey to Stetriol began under a fragile sheet of rain and fog, with the smaller of the two Greencloak groups heading out first. Abeke, Conor, and Rollan each rode separately on their own horses; Uraza walked beside Abeke’s mount, while Briggan loped easily alongside Conor. Essix soared ahead, seeking out the harbor where the Tellun’s Pride waited for them. Sacks of provisions bumped against each of their horses’ hindquarters. Behind them came Maya and Kalani. Finn rode ahead, talking in a low voice to the Greencloak named Dorian, who had been tasked with leading the little troupe. Dorian was now pointing out something on one of the ancient maps he’d brought. On his shoulder perched his spirit animal, a horned owl.

The party ventures forth to their Cool Ship for the endgame mission. On the way, Rollan voices his resentment towards Dorian the Replacement Mentor Figure, and our Protagonists make a quick run-through of their inventory.

At the docks, the captain of the Tellun’s Pride tells the party that the whales that propel the ship may be sick. Kalani summons her dolphin Katoa so she can check on the whales, then immediately recalls her when she starts splashing in distress. Turns out that the apocalyptic weather has brought schools of poisonous fish to Greenhaven, which are making the whales sick. The party must venture forth now.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:

Dorian probably hails from not!America, since his spirit animal is native to the Americas in real life.

Abeke notices that the Male Protagonists have changed over the course of the series. Conor has grown and lost his baby fat, and Rollan is more serious.

The apocalyptic weather has adversely affected the waters in Oceanus, so Kalani hasn’t summoned Katoa in a long time.


Next time: The party finally sees how the global war has affected the rest of the world.


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