The Evertree, Chapter 5: Old Friends

Last time on The Evertree, Meilin got caught up on everything important that’s happened so far, and discovered that she can resist the Bile. Will she be able to escape from the Conquerors? Find out after the cut.

The following day, allies who had received and accepted their call for help began to arrive, just as Olvan had said they would. Conor waited anxiously to see each of them cresting the horizon and approaching the castle in sporadic groups. It would be a long, hard road ahead for all of them, but at least they were in the company of old friends.

A stream of Sirs / Little Misses Only Appearing in This Book arrive at Greenhaven! Let’s see who showed up:

  • Finn from Hunted, recently escaped from the Conquerors’ sacking of Glengavin (which seems to be mixed up with Trunswick in my copy of the book). MacDonnell, who also escaped, is sending his forces to aid the Greencloaks as well.
  • Kalani from Against the Tide, who still shuns Rollan for visiting Nightshade Island. Her contingent of Greencloak reinforcements will join the rest at Stetriol.
  • Maya from Fire and Ice, now with a shorter haircut and some facial scarring from nuking the Conquerors at the end of that book. She also recruited some Euran Greencloaks for the endgame.

Now that the party is gathered, it’s time to figure out how to get to the Very Definitely Final Dungeon! Olvan believes that Kovo is imprisoned in Muttering Rock (which is where he actually is, if you’ve been paying attention), a mountain in Stetriol. Luckily for our Protagonists, a Greencloak named Dorian (who I’m pretending is Dorian from Dragon Age: Inquisition, even though they look and act nothing alike) found some ancient world maps with Stetriol’s location on them. Finn, however, is quick to point out that the world has changed since those maps were drafted, so Stetriol may not be the same as it was during the first war. Olvan also confirms that he doesn’t know much about Stetriol, either.

Heading into Stetriol is obviously a suicide mission, but everyone decides to accept the final quest and get on with the endgame.


Next time: The party boards their Cool Ship.

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