The Evertree, Chapter 4: Prisoner

Last time on The Evertree, Conor was saved from certain death, and the party made plans for the endgame. Will they succeed? Find out after the cut.

The prison door was unlocked.

Hey, it’s Meilin again! We haven’t seen her in forever. Granted, all she’s been doing is hanging out with Jhi in a prison cell that’s tauntingly easy to escape from. Meilin could escape, but Gerathon could still possess her, so that’s not really an option.

Shane pays Meilin a visit today, ratcheting our poor brainwashed not!Chinese Protagonist’s hopes for escape up several notches. Those hopes are immediately dashed when Meilin finally learns what happened at the end of the last book: Gar’s dead, and Shane’s the real Reptile King. The revelation pisses her off so much that she manages to get Shane in the jaw with a Haste-enhanced punch. Shane quickly recovers, summons his saltwater crocodile, and orders Meilin to recall Jhi.

Meilin discovers that Gerathon is also compelling her to recall Jhi, and tries to fight it. She redoubles her efforts when Shane mentions how Abeke talked about Meilin’s stubborn streak. And to top that off, Meilin realizes that Jhi cast some sort of mind control resisting spell that temporarily broke the Bile’s hold on her! This allows Meilin to attack Shane again. However, Shane and his crocodile immediately subdue her.

So, bad news: Meilin is back to being chained up in her cell. But on the bright side, Meilin figured out how to fight off Gerathon’s mind control, and forced the Conquerors to lock her up. Yay?


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:

Shane confirms that Gar was the one who killed Meilin’s father back in Blood Ties. Since Tarik killed Gar in the last book, that kinda ruins Meilin’s chances of avenging her father’s death.

Resist Mind Control looks similar to Meilin’s version of Precognition: it manifests as balls of bright light.

Shane seems to regret betraying Abeke in the last book.

Status Update!

Meilin learned: Resist Mind Control!


Next time: the Greencloaks hire a certain Tevinter mage as a Replacement Mentor Figure.


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