The Evertree, Chapter 3: The Plan

Last time on The Evertree, Rollan and Abeke watched Conor fall off one of Greenhaven’s towers. Will they be able to save him? Find out after the cut.

Essix dove at the same time Rollan cried out. Her talon hooked into the sleeve of Conor’s shirt. The fabric ripped — but not all the way. For an instant, Conor dangled precariously in midair.

That’s right: Essix — who I guess has super strength? — saves Conor from falling to certain death. Abeke, Uraza, and Rollan help, too.

After pulling Conor back to safety, Olvan shows up and leads our Protagonists back inside.

An hour later, Abeke, Rollan, and Conor were sitting in the dining hall in fresh, dry clothes, all wrapped in blankets, and sipping hot porridge. Abeke’s braids were still plastered to her scalp, matted down with rain. Steam rose from their heads. She sipped her breakfast gratefully, thinking that if only the porridge had a touch of Niloan spice in it, it could be the best thing she’d ever eaten in her life. Nearby, Rollan was gulping his own porridge down, not even bothering with a spoon. It was the first time this week that Abeke had seen him with an appetite.

Now that everyone’s inside and warm, Conor tells the party about his Trippy Prophetic Dream Sequence, and that he’s had the exact same dream / sleepwalking experience before. Conor gets a well-deserved You Should’ve Told Us About This Plot-Important Stuff Earlier from Olvan, Lenori, and the other Protagonists.

Conor thinks that his prophetic dream foretells the Final Boss Battle: Shane and Zerif are close to freeing Kovo, the Conquerors and the Greencloaks will fight in an epic battle, and the Final Boss Stage is a strange place with golden leaves and a deep heartbeat under the ground. Lenori believes the Final Boss Stage is the legendary birthplace of man and beasts.

Olvan then reveals that the Greencloaks will soon make a push for the Very Definitely Final Dungeon. Finn, Maya, Kalani, and other elite Greencloaks will join the party and help them search for the McGuffins and Kovo’s prison. Olvan will command the rest of the Greencloaks and have them distract the Conquerors while our Protagonists infiltrate Stetriol.

Unfortunately, Conor believes that the party’s spirit animals won’t survive the endgame. But I don’t care, because they barely have any sort of personality. My antipathy is making this dramatic moment fall flat.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:

Remember how I’ve been complaining about the party telling Abeke that it’s not her fault Shane used her to infiltrate Greenhaven? Turns out that Abeke’s been beating herself up over the whole issue, and that she blames herself for being a stupid, gullible idiot. THANK GOD.

Conor can only have prophetic dreams when Briggan is summoned. I don’t think that’s ever been mentioned before. However, Conor had his recent Trippy Prophetic Dream Sequence without summoning Briggan. You’ll find out why later in the book.

Niloan tales about the birthplace of all life claim that Nilo is the first land of Erdas. That’s a very obvious parallel to Africa and the Cradle of Humankind. Spoilers: the Final Boss Battle will take place in Nilo.

Abeke is a little disappointed that her father isn’t sending support for the endgame.

Wait! Don’t the Protagonists have one last talisman (Tellun’s Platinum Elk) to find? Well, the Greencloak brass say that they don’t have the time or resources to find it. Abeke thinks that the McGuffin will be at the Final Boss Stage, thanks to Conor’s vision. If it ends up being there … that would be incredibly convenient.


Next time: Meilin finally learns about the Epic Spoiler from Rise and Fall.

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