Decide the Fate of the Archive … Again!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m fed up with recapping the Spirit Animals series. I don’t care about the characters, and I hate how the publisher keeps tacking on sequels and short story collections.

However, I’m almost done recapping the first series of Spirit Animals books, which gives you an opportunity to  decide what I should do. Your options:

  • I quit recapping Spirit Animals after I complete The Evertree and The Book of Shane short stories. That means you’ll see the end of the first arc, but left with a tiny teaser for Fall of the Beasts. And I’ll be free to recap whatever series you folks vote for next.
  • I continue recapping Spirit Animals until it ends, whenever the hell that is. Maybe you’ll be entertained by my slow descent into insanity.

You have a week to determine my fate. (Read: poll closes next Tuesday at midnight PDT.) Choose wisely.



  1. Looks like everyone is in favor of ending the Spirit Animals recaps so far.

    With Avalon seemingly vanishing from the web, I’ve been thinking more about making my own young adult book series, and Avalon will be a definite influence in some details.

    1. Yep, looks like everyone unanimously voted for me to end the recap. I’ve noticed that nobody actually reads them, so I guess it’s a good thing I’m quitting. I’m working on a list of potential recap bait that I’ll post when I’m done with Spirit Animals.

      I’m still working on archiving stuff from the old Avalon websites (I had a final this week so I didn’t get any work done). Still have to save stuff from the original edition websites and the official Facebook page. Hopefully the series won’t completely vanish ^_^

      Love to see how your books turn out!

      1. Thanks. It probably will take a few years at the least, but I’m determined to do this.

        Great work you’re doing. I hope the final went well too.

        It saddens me how most of the recaps aren’t commented on. I need to start reading Heart of Avalon and get back to following your recaps sometime. Looking forward to the recap bait!

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