The Evertree, Chapter 1: Vision

Last time on Spirit Animals, Shane escaped from the Greencloaks with most of the McGuffins. Will our Protagonists be able to save the day? Find out after the cut.

Enormous black scales slithering across grass. A gorilla’s earthshaking roar. A piercing shriek from the sky. Grass, dirt, rock, brittle bark. A heartbeat deep in the earth, something as old as time itself. A silhouette of twisting antlers that appeared and then vanished.

It’s time for Conor to have a Trippy Prescient Dream Sequence! And it’s about time, too: He hasn’t had one in a long while. Here’s a quick rundown of highlights:

  • Our Protagonists fight a losing battle against the Conquerors, destroying the world in the process
  • Conor can’t summon Briggan for some reason
  • Kovo, equipped a Badass Endgame Weapon, charges at Conor
  • Conor thinks he sees Tarik flying on a giant golden eagle to his rescue, but — mwahaha, it’s actually Shane!
  • Conor falls into a bottomless pit, presumably to die of starvation


Next time: Rollan learns about Apocalyptic Shit going down around the world.


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