The Evertree: First Impressions

At last! After nearly two years, I’m almost done recapping the Spirit Animals series!

… Or I would be saying that if The Evertree was the final book. But nooooooo, Scholastic just had to tack on a sequel series. Not cool.

Enough of me complaining. The Evertree, like most last installments in a book series, involves the Protagonists overcoming insurmountable odds to defeat the Big Bad, procuring some Endgame Weaponry, and Saving the World. (Hey, it’s a children’s book, of course it has a happy ending.) I’d be a little more excited about this if I cared about any of the characters in the series, though.

Another major problem I have with this book is the titular Evertree itself. If you didn’t bother to read the short story collections, you would have no idea why the Evertree is so goddamned important. I would’ve appreciated it if there were some mentions of the stupid tree throughout the main series, instead of just suddenly introducing it here and going “Oh, yeah, this is your Amazing Technicolor Final Boss Stage — have fun!”

This book was written by Marie Lu, author of the Legend trilogy and The Young Elites. I’ve heard good things about both series, but I haven’t gotten around to reading them yet. Since this book was one of the better installments of Spirit Animals, I’m going to assume that her other books are decent.

sa07I don’t have too much to say about the cover: it’s just our Protagonists and their spirit animals posing heroically on the titular tree. Note how Rollan is finally wearing a green cloak, Meilin’s back with the party, and that Conor was stupid enough to bring a shepherd’s crook to a Final Boss Battle.

What to expect from this book:

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition references!
  • The Protagonists finally witnessing the horrors of war!
  • The wonders of not!Australia!
  • The third act of one of my favorite movies being posted in lieu of a proper recap!
  • The reason why Conor bothered equipping a staff for most of the series!
  • A Designated Villain teaming up with the Protagonists!
  • A Final Boss Battle!

Next time: Conor has a Trippy Dream Sequence.




  1. Marie Lu’s Legend series is really great, though I can’t speak for the Young Elites yet, as they’re still in my TBR pile.

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