Rise and Fall, Chapter 9: The Plan

Last time on Rise and Fall, the Male Protagonists (and Irtike!) got stuck between Conquerors and a Godlike Lion. Will they survive? Find out after the cut.

Meilin was surrounded by depressed rats.

So she gave them some free counseling as she waited for the Conquerors to recapture her.

I kid, I kid. Jhi’s just casting Calm on the rats while she and Meilin hide from the Conquerors. It’s not quite as interesting as Meilin psychoanalyzing rats, though.

Anyway, Meilin is hiding from the Conquerors in the customs house, dwelling over Drina’s death. Why? Because she’s afraid that Gerathon could use her mind-control powers to force her and Jhi to kill each other, just like how Drina was killed by her spider.

Meilin then remembers that Gerathon could also find her through their connection with the Bile, so she decides to venture forth to the manor’s armory. She has to force Jhi to return to the dormant state first, which Meilin immediately regrets.

After some sneaking, Meilin arrives at the manor entrance, which is guarded by a single inexperienced guard. She summons Jhi and asks her to cast Calm on the guard. Jhi does just that, but Meilin doesn’t incapacitate the guard afterward because she realizes that he’s only following orders. She chooses an inopportune moment to hesitate, because the guard prepares to attack her! Luckily, Jhi proves she’s an awesome BATTLE PANDA by knocking out the guard.

Eventually, Meilin reaches the armory and finds a pair of manacles to restrain herself with. Now, if Gerathon possessed Meilin, she would be unable to harm anyone. Jhi is not a fan of this turn of events and tries to stop Meilin, to no avail. Meilin takes this — and Jhi’s refusal to assume the dormant state again — as a sign that BATTLE PANDA distrusts her. Instead, Jhi gives Meilin the BATTLE PANDA equivalent of a hug, proving that she loves her.

Meilin finally accepts that Jhi is the best spirit animal for her, since she’s able to forgive Meilin for everything that’s happened throughout the series. They hug it out as they wait for the Conquerors to find them.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:

Rollan taught Meilin how to sneak through cities.


Next time: A named character dies.


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