Rise and Fall, Chapter 8: The Oasis

Last time on Rise and Fall, Drina was killed because she couldn’t beat the Player Character in the series’ tie-in game, and Shane helped Abeke and Meilin escape from the Conquerors. Will they reunite with the rest of the Protagonists? Find out after the cut.

Conor stared from his hiding place in the saw grass as the Conquerors tried to force their way through the ostrich canyon. Irtike had buried her head in the thick yellow blades, unwilling to watch the bloodbath. But Conor, Rollan, Tarik — and Lumeo and Snake Eyes — were watching closely.

And we return to the Male Protagonists (and Irtike!) watching the Conquerors — led by Zerif (100% A Dick) attempt to pass Cabaro’s ostrich army. Tarik is nice enough to let Rollan continue monitoring Essix’s and Briggan’s fight against Cabaro.

Meanwhile, the Conquerors figure out that the best way to defeat an ostrich army is to shoot them. With most of the ostriches dead and the rest scattered, Zerif and his army enter the desert uncontested.

Luckily for our Protagonists, Irtike located some horses that the Conquerors abandoned. The party decides to take them so they can reach Cabaro’s oasis before Zerif’s army does.

Rollan snaps out of Essix Vision during the ride to recap the encounter with Cabaro. Briggan is now hiding in the oasis, while Essix is flying back to the party. Unfortunately, Essix finds more Conquerors on our Protagonists’ heels! And they’re being led by Gerathon the Godlike Cobra! The party decides to take cover in the oasis.

So the party reunites with Briggan at the edge of the oasis, and together they head to the center to confront Cabaro. Let’s see how this encounter pans out:

Cabaro: Oh, great. Humans. Go away.

Rollan: Shut the hell up.

Tarik: Cabaro, the Conquerors and Gerathon are entering your territory. Let us help you!

Cabaro: If Gerathon enters my territory, I will kill her! But thanks to my animal spies all over the world, I knew that the Conquerors were coming for my McGuffin so they could free Kovo. I’m not going to do anything about it, though, because the Four Fallen returned as slaves to humans. This world is going to hell now that humanity dominates it!

Conor: You’ve given up on humanity, just like Suka did.

Cabaro: Suka only cares about increasing her lifespan. I’m spending my last days living!

And then Cabaro suddenly subdues Briggan and tries to crush his throat. I guess that means it’s time for a Boss Battle! Rollan starts the battle by stabbing Cabaro in a paw, but he quickly finds that his attack isn’t very effective. Conor has a little more success hacking into Cabaro’s chest with his axe.

Eventually, Cabaro releases Briggan, and the party takes defensive positions around the wolf. Cabaro chooses this moment to summon wild dogs to aid him! Rollan starts complaining about how unfair this Boss Battle is, but he speaks a little too soon — because the Conquerors are about to join the fray…


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:

Irtike rides bareback.

Briggan has the ability to control canines — but it’s not very effective against Cabaro’s wild dogs.

This chapter (and the others detailing the Male Protagonists’ adventures with Cabaro) must take place after Abeke and Meilin’s escape, since Gerathon is with the Conqueror army.

Thanks for changing how you format things, WordPress. I can’t do my old Boss Battle Enemy Descriptions anymore. You folks missed out on a good one I had written up for Cabaro.

Conor recalls Briggan at the end of the chapter so he doesn’t bleed out.


Next time: Meilin waits, but not for the party.


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