Rise and Fall, Chapter 7: Assembly

Last time on Rise and Fall, Tarik suddenly got Character Development, and Briggan and Essix’s meeting with Cabaro took a sour turn. Will they convince the Godlike Lion to give up his McGuffin? Find out after the cut.

The ladder down from their cell was rickety and unstable, and in her half-starved state it took Abeke a few seconds to descend it. By the time Meilin was beside her and the trapdoor was closed, Abeke had done a count of the assembled Conquerors: twelve, and five spirit animals. Nearest to her was a mean-looking creature — an animal like a huge orange rabbit, with very strong-looking legs. Perhaps it was from Stetriol, which Abeke figured was bound to have its own sorts of animals, and so its own sorts of spirit animals.

Now we return to Abeke and Meilin as they are escorted by Shane to their audience with General Gar. Also present at this audience are Drina (Shane’s sister), Yumaris (the Conquerors’ resident seer) and Gerathon (everyone’s favorite Godlike Cobra). Meilin notices that Zerif (100% A Dick) and Aidana (Rollan’s mum) are conspicuously absent, possibly out searching for Cabaro’s talisman.

Let’s see how this encounter pans out:

Gar: Hello, Abeke and Meilin! I’m glad you summoned your spirit animals, because they’re about to see history in the making!

Drina: Uncle, you should totally have Gerathon force our guests to recall their spirit animals.

Gar: I know you lost the Final Boss Battle in the tie-in game, Drina, but don’t worry about me. Their animals can’t harm me.

Gerathon: Honestly, I’m pleased to see how pathetically weak my former comrades are now.

Meilin: You’ll learn nothing from us!

Gerathon: *possesses Meilin, makes her say gibberish about Rollan*

Meilin: OK WTF just happened?

Abeke: Nothing of note.

Drina: We’re totally going to get intel out of you because our Great Beasts are awesome!

Gar: I wasn’t lying when I gave that Epic Infodump all the way back in Book 1. But I am through with asking politely for help! We have almost conquered the world, and when we do, we will free Kovo and unite the world with the McGuffins! Join us or die!

Meilin: I am Meilin! You killed my father! Prepare to die!

Gar: You are a fool. I’ll give you a day to change your mind–

Gerathon: And then I’ll kill you bwahahahaha!

Drina: Ewwww you got your venom on my boots!

Gar: Drina, you suck because you failed to steal the in-game McGuffins from the Greencloaks.

Drina: But the Player Character was too strong!

Gar: Sorry, but you must be punished.

Gerathon: *possesses Drina’s spider*

Drina: Noooooooooo get it off meeeeeeeee!

Yumaris: Finish her!

Spider: *bites Drina*

Drina: *dies*

Conquerors: All hail the Reptile King!

Gerathon: You’d better prove your loyalty, Shane.

Instead of proving his loyalty, however, Shane tackles Gar. This provides ample enough distraction for him to help Abeke and Meilin escape the Conqueror compound. Meilin almost ruins the escape attempt by trying to challenge Gar, but Abeke convinces her that now’s not the time to initiate what could’ve been an awesome Boss Battle.

Once outside the Conqueror compound, Shane tells the girls that they have to reach his ship, which is anchored on the other side of town. First he leads them to the old customs house to pick up supplies. While there, Meilin decides to leave the party because her very presence puts them in danger, and maybe she wants to avenge her father. Abeke reluctantly agrees, and Shane thanks Meilin for her “sacrifice”.

So Abeke and Shane head for their ship with supplies in tow. Unfortunately, Abeke realizes that she may never seen Meilin again….


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:

Shane’s ship is the same one Abeke rode when she was recruited by the Conquerors all the way back in Wild Born.

Shane claims that his spirit animal bond came naturally. Spoiler: Events in The Book of Shane will prove otherwise.

Meilin finally apologizes for being a jerk to Abeke, and admits that she was “a better friend than [she] deserved.”

Don’t worry, Abeke and Meilin will be reunited in the next book. This is a children’s book series, after all.


Next time: Zerif (100% A Dick) figures out how to defeat an Ostrich Army.


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