Rise and Fall: First Impressions

I’ll admit, the first time I saw the title for this book, I thought of this song:

Unfortunately, there’s no singing in English or Russian in this installment of Spirit Animals. Instead, there’s a surprising reveal involving the Big Bad, the death of a major character that — let’s be honest — I totally saw coming, and a downer of an ending. So you got that to look forward to, which is nice.

I don’t have a lot to say about Eliot Schrefer, the author of this book (and Immortal Guardians, the first installment of Spirit Animals: Fall of the Beasts), mainly because I’ve never read any of his books. He did write a loose series of books involving humans and primates in Africa, which probably explains why he was tapped to write this part of the series. I’ve recently acquired the first of those books, Endangered, which I’ll get around to reading someday.

sa06Not much to say about the cover this time. It’s just Conor and Briggan sneaking up on a Godlike Lion. Now, Conor, I know that shepherd’s crook you have equipped probably has better stats than any of the axes in your inventory, but it probably isn’t an ideal weapon for fighting a lion. Just saying.

Things to look forward to in this book:

  • Events from the Spirit Animals game actually affecting the narrative!
  • This song!
  • Unusual bonded animals and abilities!
  • Major character deaths on both sides of the conflict!
  • The real Big Bad revealed!
  • An epic All Is Lost Moment!

Next time: Abeke and Meilin take a swim.


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