Against the Tide, Chapter 17: Gone

Last time on Against the Tide, Meilin realized that she was the mole all along. Who saw that coming? Find out after the cut.

Rollan circled over the ocean and the fleet of ships for as long as he dared, but he saw no sign of Conor in the water, even with his falcon-enhanced sight.

Rollan is forced to retreat from Mulop’s island without Conor, since the Conquerors are trying to shoot him down. They fly back to the Tellun’s Pride, which is anchored off a different island so Kalani’s people don’t risk getting in contact with tainted party members (i.e. Tarik).

After giving Tarik a brief recap of what happened in the last two chapters, Rollan blames him — and the Greencloaks in general — for letting Meilin drink the Bile at her bonding ceremony in the first place. And why wouldn’t he? The Greencloaks control the world’s Nectar supply, so it’s kinda their fault for not providing some for Meilin’s bonding ceremony. (Of course, Rollan doesn’t know that Meilin’s dad arranged for her to take the Bile.)

Tarik suggests searching for Conor after Rollan’s little rant, but that turns out to be unnecessary, because Conor climbs aboard. He reveals that Mulop helped him swim under the Conqueror fleet and escape, because he’s an awesome Godlike Octopus who just wants to keep his talisman safe.

Unfortunately, Conor’s sudden arrival means that Rollan has to recap the events of the last two chapters all over again. Conor has a brief “Wait … what?” moment, but conversation immediately shifts to “The Bile sucks!” and “Oh noes Meilin!”

So … good news: our heroes obtained a new talisman. But is this victory worth it when half of the party is captured by the Conquerors, and one of them is an unwilling spy? Will our heroes be able to save their allies, find a cure for the Bile, and prevent Kovo the Godlike Ape from escaping his prison? Since this is a children’s book series, the answer is probably “yes”.


Next time: First impressions on the next book, Tales of the Great Beasts.


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