Against the Tide, Chapter 9: Sunlight Island

Last time on Against the Tide, Tarik’s party arrived at Nightshade Island, a dark place holding a dark secret connected to the first global war. Will our protagonists find the Plot Trinket and discover the aforementioned secret? Find out after the cut.

Conor would give Sunlight Island one thing: It was definitely sunny.

So while Meilin, Rollan, and Tarik are hanging out on dark, foggy Nightshade Island, Abeke, Conor, and Kalani are attempting to sneak into the too-perfect tropical paradise that is Sunlight Island. Though by “attempt to sneak in” I mean “hide in a palm frond-covered hole because goddamn it’s too sunny out”.

Once night falls, however, the party decides to sneak into Sunlight Island’s cave system, because of course that’s where you’re going to hide a Plot Trinket. There’s a lot of stealth and dungeon crawling action that’s covered briefly, but eventually they reach a subterranean river. Unfortunately, someone finds them: Timote, Kalani’s brother, who was captured by the Conquerors. Kalani tries to convince Timote to join the party, but he refuses because, thanks to the Conquerors and their Bile, he can finally control his BATTLE EMU. And by “control” I mean “use as a weapon”. Timote tries to give the Conquerors Are Awesome spiel, but Kalani interrupts him with a fist to the face.

With that taken care of, it’s time to continue exploring the caves! Instead of searching every single section of the caves, Conor decides to use Briggan’s Scent ability to locate the Black Conch. Of course, this works perfectly: Conor and Briggan identify the Black Conch’s scent and follow it to the chamber where it’s hidden. Which begs the question, Why didn’t they do that in the first place?

So, hurray! The party found the first Plot Token! Now they just have to fight a komodo dragon in order to escape….


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
Conor and Abeke seem to get withdrawals from not summoning their spirit animals: they both act as if they need physical contact with them. Kalani doesn’t seem to be affected, though Conor thinks it’s because she’s bonded to an aquatic creature.

Conor briefly entertains the thought that Abeke is the mole when Abeke scouts ahead on the way to the caves. He quickly reasons that Abeke won’t betray the party.

Of course nobody mapped out the Sunlight Island cave system. The party doesn’t make a map, either, but at least they use a glowing stick to mark paths they already took.

Kalani’s dolphin is named Katoa.

Timote’s emu’s name is Waka. He’s so devoted to Timote, he refuses to escape with the party when offered.

Timote visited the caves because the subterranean river supposedly has healing powers, and he needed to heal Waka’s injured foot.

Piri, Kalani’s other brother, bonded with a spirit animal via Bile after the Conquerors captured him. He chose an orca.

Signs that I’ve been playing The Witcher: Wild Hunt too much: I’m imagining Conor’s Scent ability as the Witcher Sense mechanic in those games. It works in exactly the same way!

Sidequest Status Update!
Conor’s party obtains: Black Conch!


Next time: Rollan witnesses an Epic Flashback.


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