Against the Tide, Chapter 2: At Sea

Last time on Against the Tide, Gerathon sacrificed a kid so she could give Kovo a Status Update. What other horrible things will these Godlike Animals do? Find out after the cut.

It’s so close.

The party sails past Nilo on their way to not!Polynesia Oceanus. This is the first time Abeke has seen Nilo since the first book, so she spends some time thinking about her family and what they think of her. She even considers ditching the party so she can visit her family, but decides against it because of how the party usually got screwed over when the other Protagonists did it.

Instead, she asks Lenori — who replaced Maya when they returned to Greenhaven — if they can go to Nilo and find one of the McGuffins there. But Lenori says that they can’t because a) the Conquerors have completely taken over the nation/continent, b) the party needs more McGuffins in order to confront Cabaro the Lion (read: they need to level the hell up), and c) Mulop the Octopus has sending Lenori some Trippy Dream Sequences asking her to bring the Protagonists to him. And you kinda can’t refuse a giant Godlike Octopus. Especially when he sends Conor (illiterate White Male Protagonist with the occasional Prophetic Dream) visions of an octopus waving at the party and throwing green islands at black ink-stained islands.

Everyone else on board is on edge after shit went down in the last book. They lost yet another McGuffin, they learned about the Bile’s less savory side effects, and there’s that tiny revelation that one of them is a mole. On top of that, the party has to sail by Stetriol on their way to Oceanus, meaning that they might be attacked by Conquerors.

Or by seagull spirit animals. Which is what happens right as the chapter ends.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
At least this book acknowledges the events of the battle at the end of the last book! Abeke has just recovered from her wounds, and she got a new bow to replace the one she lost.

For the longest time, I thought that Soama (Abeke’s sister) was pronounced with three syllables — So-ah-mah. But the official pronunciation guide claims that it’s said “So-mah”. Didn’t see that coming.

Spoilers: The party follows the exact same route when they attempt to invade Stetriol in Book 7.

There’s apparently a not!Suez Canal, but it’s supposedly been taken over by the Conquerors.

Don’t worry, the party will go find that McGuffin in Nilo in the next book. Spoilers: expect me to spam a song every time it’s mentioned by name.

The global war hasn’t reached Amaya yet, according to Lenori.

Rollan is still emotionally shaken up after the end of the last book, and he tries to mask this by bragging about his new Summon Spirit Animal ability. Too bad he can’t actually recall Essix at will. At least the scene where he attempts to recall Essix is pretty damn funny.

Rollan told the rest of the party about his relationship with Aidana in between books.

Of course Conor thought that the islands in his dream looked like sheep.

Who Is the Mole?
We’re going to pretend that we didn’t spoil the mole’s identity in the comments, and do a Mole Status Update for each chapter.

Abeke: not a mole. She says so herself in her inner dialogue.
Conor: ??
Lenori: ??
Meilin: ??
Rollan: ??
Tarik: ??

Because I Can:
Who here remembers the reality show The Mole?

Also, seagulls attacking!


Next time: The Protagonists try to figure out who the mole is, and get involved in a naval battle.


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