Fire and Ice, Chapter 16: Fire

Last time on Fire and Ice, the party returned to the Euran mainland, only to be confronted by the Conquerors. Who will come out victorious? Find out after the cut.

Abeke didn’t understand. Everything had been fine. Shane had promised he could get the Conquerors to leave in peace if they traded him the Crystal Polar Bear for the Iron Boar.

Apparently Talia and Ana were going rogue, because Shane had planned on trading talismans with the Protagonists. That plan’s so much nicer than “Give us the McGuffin or else we’ll cut out your friend’s tattoo, which we were planning on doing anyway.” Besides, Abeke thinks that sharing McGuffins is a Good Idea.

But then the Obligatory Battle starts, and everything devolves into chaos. I recapped most of it last time, but here’s some highlights from Abeke’s POV:

  • Jhi uses Calm Emotions to subdue some Conqueror spirit animals.
  • Conor enlarges Briggan to shield Abeke from some arrows. Apparently, when giant, Briggan is impervious to arrows.
  • Shane actually tries to call a cease fire, but his men don’t listen.
  • Meilin uses the Crystal Polar Bear to deflect arrows.

Anyway, Abeke and the rest of the party are almost defeated by the Conquerors. But then Maya freaks out, casts a massive Fireball, and uses the heat radiating from it to burn the Conquerors. Abeke is close enough to Maya that she watches her attacker get incinerated and turn to ash in front of her.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
Shane claims that he wants to trade talismans because it isn’t safe for one side to have them all. Believe it or not, he’s actually right. You’ll find out what happens when you gather all the McGuffins in Book 7.

Who here thinks that Shane is actually aware of Ana and Talia’s plan?

Jhi not only calms enemies’ spirit animals … she makes them protect her. That’s actually a useful power.

Conor’s finger is supposedly bitten by a crocodile during the fight. This might be our first clue to (spoilers!) Shane’s real spirit animal.

One of the Conquerors is bonded to a lion, an animal that can’t normally be summoned because spirit animals are never the same species as the Great Beasts. Perhaps the Bile allows users to bond with animals that can’t be summoned naturally?

It must be nice to have a Fireball spell that’s AoE and only affects enemies.

Title Drop!

The soldier’s face screwed up in a grimace of pain, raising his arms in an attempt to protect himself from an onslaught of heat. His sleeves started to char, catching fire like a log in a campfire. Abeke struggled to turn her head away from the sight.


Next time: Rollan learns to hate walruses.


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