New Spirit Animals Short Story Collection!

I’m never going to be done recapping Spirit Animals, am I?

The Spirit Animals wiki has an entry up for a new collection of short stories, titled Tales of the Fallen Beasts. Presumably this will be like the previous collection, Tales of the Great Beasts, but about the Great Beasts who didn’t get a short story about them.

So the recap schedule looks like this now:

  • The last two chapters of Fire and Ice (sorry I haven’t posted them yet! I’ve been busy!)
  • Against the Tide
  • Tales of the Great Beasts
  • “Ninani’s Nectar” (the online-only short story)
  • Rise and Fall
  • “Venom” (or, The Book of Shane, part 1)
  • “Vendetta” (or, The Book of Shane, part 2)
  • The Evertree
  • “Vengeance” (or, The Book of Shane, part 3)
  • Immortal Guardians (Fall of the Beasts, book 1)
  • Any new material that pops up in the collected edition of The Book of Shane (depends on what’s added)
  • Broken Ground (Fall of the Beasts, book 2)
  • Tales of the Fallen Beasts
  • last two (at least) Fall of the Beasts books

I didn’t expect this recap to rival the Avalon: Web of Magic recap in length. Argh.


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