Fire and Ice, Chapter 13: Departure

Last time on Fire and Ice, Suka gave the party her talisman, and Meilin figured out how to use it. How useful will giant invisible hands prove to be? Find out after the cut.

Rollan hopped away from the ruins of the Ice Palace with a smile on his face. He and his team had just faced certain death and come out victorious. He was … happy, he thought. It wasn’t a feeling he was accustomed to, but it struck him more frequently since joining with Tarik on these insane Greencloak quests. Bright shafts of sunlight broke through morning clouds in the east. They shot through the holes and into the crevasse of the hidden city, making the walls of ice flash and sparkle like diamonds.

Not much happens in this chapter. Basically:

Ardu: You trashed the Ice City! Begone!
Party: But Suka trashed it, not us!
Ardu: But you’re the reason Suka trashed it! So leave!

The only other things of note are:

  • Rollan sees a walrus for the first time (this has been a recurring joke in this book) and freaks out
  • More hints of a Rollan x Meilin pairing

So yeah, not much to comment on, other than that the party ruined aspects of two cultures (the Ardu’s Ice City and Samis’ eternal youth / immortality) while trying to obtain this talisman. Great job, party.


Next time: Maya gets character development, and everyone starts questioning Meilin’s sleepwalking.


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