Fire and Ice, Chapter 11: Suka

Last time on Fire and Ice, the party tried to thaw out Suka’s paw so they could obtain the MacGuffin, but managed to wake her up instead. Will they escape the Godlike Bear’s wrath? Find out after the cut.

Rollan tried very hard not to soil his pants.

Wow. That is probably the classiest line I’ve ever used to start one of my recaps.

Anyway. Suka breaks out of her icy prison and starts wrecking the place. Abeke, Meilin, Tarik, Maya, and Conor all use the Granite Ram or their spirit animals’ abilities to escape from a hole that conveniently appears in the roof, while Rollan stays behind to talk sense into Suka. Obviously, it doesn’t work. Rollan barely escapes by using the Slate Elephant to enlarge Essix and fly off, a la Lord of the Rings.

Unfortunately, Suka also reaches the surface, so you know what that means:

Boss: Suka
Abilities: I don’t know. She’s a giant Godlike Polar Bear. I guess she does polar bear things.

But who’s gonna fight the boss battle? Abeke thinks that either she or Conor should enlarge their spirit animals, because of course a leopard or a wolf would match up well against a polar bear. Rollan, however has another idea, and it requires finding Meilin.

Luckily, Meilin is with the Ardu who escaped from the Ice City, trying to organize them so they can fight Suka. Rollan convinces her that the Ardu won’t fight Suka because they obviously worshiped her. Instead, they’ll enlarge Jhi, because I guess she can talk to other bears or something. Meilin’s all like “Nooooooo I don’t want anyone else to die!” But then Rollan takes her hand and is all like “We gotta try this plan.”

And thus an official pairing is cemented. Because of course hand-holding is a big deal in children’s books.


Stuff I Forgot to Mention Above:
I missed out on mentioning some of the bad-ass stuff that happens during the boss fight, like Abeke shooting the Granite Ram at Conor so he could use it to jump over a crevasse, and Maya casting Wall of Fire on Suka and quickly realizing that it’s not very effective.

Status Update!
Maya learns: Wall of Fire!

Title Drop!

He knew Suka was large. But frozen in ice, she’d seem tame somehow.


Next time: Someone wins the boss battle.

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