Spirit Animals Sequel Series Announcement

Dear everyone who voted for me to recap the Spirit Animals series in the last poll: I hate you.

OK, not really. I love everyone who reads and comments on this blog. You’re the reason I keep recapping books. But I bet none of you had any idea just how massive this project was going to be. And from the looks of it, it’s going to rival the length of the Avalon: Web of Magic recap project.

First off, here’s what the recap schedule for the rest of the Spirit Animals books looks like:

  • The last four chapters of Blood Ties
  • Fire and Ice (my least favorite book)
  • Against the Tide (or, “Who Saw That Coming?”)
  • Tales of the Great Beasts (short stories)
  • “Ninani’s Nectar” (an online-only short story)
  • Rise and Fall (or, “Who Saw That Coming, Part Two”)
  • The Book of Shane, Part 1 (technically released before Rise and Fall, but the events at the end ruin a major reveal from that book)
  • The Evertree (THE END!)
  • The last two parts of The Book of Shane

But that’s not the end! Nope, instead we got ourselves a SEQUEL SERIES to deal with.

That’s right, sometime this fall (probably when I’m finally done recapping the first series), Spirit Animals: Fall of Beasts comes out! A quick summary, courtesy of the official forums:

This just in from Greenhaven headquarters: the Spirit Animals story will not end with Book 7.


That’s right, trouble will again be afoot in Erdas, and it will be time for the Greencloaks to get back in action.

When, you ask?


I’m delighted to let you know that, hot on the heels of writing Book 6 (which you all helped put on the New York Times bestseller list—Tellun is so pleased!) [Eliot Schrefer will] be taking the helm for Book 1 of the new cycle of books called: FALL OF THE BEASTS!

There’s an INCREDIBLE roster of authors writing the others:

Book 2: Victoria Schwab [author of The Archived, which I’m vaguely interested in reading]
Book 3: Varian Johnson [never heard of him]
Book 4: Jonathan Auxier [never heard of him, either]

Keep checking the forums for more updates about the series, but for right now I can tell you this much: Someone is going around seizing spirit animals for his own dark purposes. And it’s someone all of you know…

You guys can speculate all you want in the comments about what’s going to happen in this sequel. And, yes, you’ve probably figured out that I’m going to recap it.


  1. /screams/
    Wait, so the Book of Shane and Ninanni’s Nectar is like, ebook edition only? :U /sadface/

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